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Synonyms for tempered

made hard or flexible or resilient especially by heat treatment

adjusted or attuned by adding a counterbalancing element


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Analysis of residual stresses and of the load-bearing capacity of tempered glass plates.
Research and development professionals stay on top of competitor initiatives and explore demand for laminated and tempered glass.
Nonresidential construction industry growth, energy-efficient building requirements, and safety and acoustic features offered by laminated and tempered glass will help heat up market growth over the next four years.
Then the researchers resubstituted sodium ions in the surface layer only, leaving a tempered layer just below the untempered skin.
It is understood that, targeted toward domestic auto manufacturing industry's growing demand for high-end auto parts steel localization, Baosteel and domestic auto manufacturers will further cooperation and dedicate to high-end auto parts non-quenched and tempered cold heading steel products R & D, manufacturing and application.
Oil tempered molding sand was initially developed in the 1960s, by upgrading oil sand core technology for the purpose of molding.
The components manufactured by Tempered Spring are not within T&N's mainstream automotive operations.
Fitch's Outlook could be tempered should adjustments in Medicare reimbursement increases exceed recently proposed recommendations.
Debt ratios had actually been declining, aided by application of one-time revenues and surplus for capital purposes and while currently rising are still below earlier levels, and are further tempered by the rapid retirement scheduled with about 79% of bonds due in ten years.
He added that laminated glass reduces cabin noise by up to 6 decibels and provides about 20 times the smash resistance of single-ply tempered glass.
The rating action also considers the tempered expectations for the economy and its impact on traffic growth and price elasticity compared to the expectations during what is now clearly seen as the economic bubble of the late 1990s.
If chocolate is not properly tempered it will not have a nice shine, or crispness when breaking, and could even fail to set up solid at room temperature," he said.
Recent and projected rate increases, the first since 1995, are tempered by use of the city's large rate stabilization fund that stood at $152.
For approximately the last five years, Ceradyne has been marketing its industrial technical ceramics in China, the primary product being Ceradyne Thermo Materials Division's fused silica ceramic components for the tempered glass industry.
Expanding the facility's capabilities and capacity will allow CITSA to supply full-car sets of windows and continue to meet demand for laminated and tempered automotive glass in the growing Mexican automotive industry, according to Ernest A.