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a unit of measurement for temperature

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The S-700, which is a greater-than-25 horsepower high capacity single temperature unit with an evergreen engine for use in California
Based on requests from a major industrial manufacturer in Japan, VIASPACE has made available for sale a higher temperature unit, the HS-2000 VIASENSOR.
delivers warmth to the wound bed through an infrared warming card, powered by a microprocessor-controlled temperature unit.
The new mono temperature units are mounted to tri-axle Gray & Adams trailers and join 33 Carrier Transicold-cooled reefers already in service with the customer.
The CNX modules, which include the v3000 AC Voltage, a3000 AC Current Clamp, i3000 iFlex (TM) AC Current Clamp, and t3000 K-Type Temperature units, can take live measurements that can be viewed on the screen of the CNX DMM, or log up to 65,000 sets of data that can be transferred to a PC and imported into Excel.
The modules, which include AC Voltage, AC Current Clamp, iFlex AC Current Clamp, and K-Type Temperature units, can take live measurements or log up to 65,000 sets of data.
This portable quality control digital thermometer has a display/record function which holds for display on demand the minimum and maximum temperature units.
Additionally, by now having multiple refrigerants in a single circuit, users can simplify their tracking of refrigerants in ultra-low temperature units.
The meter can display minimum, maximum and average temperature units and incorporates 0.
According to the manufacturer, the software offers quick point-and-click entry of temperature schedules, temperature stability criteria, thermocouple type, RDT values, temperature standards, switch test parameters, and temperature units.
To keep up with this rapid growth, the installation of the CDR pressure and temperature units provided by Reynolds Equipment has proven to be beneficial in the operation of CoServ Gas," Stiles added "With the flexibility to fully monitor pressures and temperatures remotely, as well as being alerted to any problems or potential problems that may exist, this has enabled us to provide the most reliable and safe delivery of gas to our customers.
C153/153A and FurnacePro--offers a choice of options at the start of each measurement logging session, including thermometer type, temperature units and text identifier.
The meter can display minimum and maximum and average temperature units for recording applications.
The Model ST-615 has a fast sampling rate and user selectable temperature units.
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