temperature gradient

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change in temperature as a function of distance (especially altitude)

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The organization of this paper follows the four stages to demonstrate the process conducted to obtain the temperature gradient of the airport pavement.
We attempt to find the optimum conditions for MHD channel power generator versus governing physical parameters such as, electrical efficiency [eta], volume fraction of nanoparticles, [empty set] radiation parameter R, axial temperature gradient A, dimensionless and numbers.
The investigations to date have indicated that temperature gradient is the factor causing both random and systematic effects of refraction.
The goal was to reduce the temperature gradient via changes in the SMC thickness, adhesive thickness, adhesive width, conductive-primer thickness, and oven temperature.
Identification of mutations and polymorphisms in the COL2A1 gene by temporal temperature gradient gel electrophoresis.
The comparison is extended by considering both the local discomfort caused by draft and the percentage of dissatisfied due to the temperature gradient when this is relevant to the systems.
Clearly, the temperature gradient contributes to the lack of sphericity seen in the observed shape, but perhaps more importantly it affects the height of the bubble itself.
In the third condition, the first few rounds are fired in an ambient-temperature gun, which causes an intermediate rate of fire to exist in which the front-to-rear temperature gradient within the receiver becomes significant.
The most unstable air is located close to or near the coast of the Bay first due to the strong temperature gradient zone that develops along the coastline.
A large, intense conductance anomaly, broadly coincident with the high temperature gradient zone, is interpreted to reflect a cap of clay alteration associated with a blind geothermal system at depth.
Limited Tenders are invited for Tender For The Repair Of Temperature Gradient Tunnel (T.
The results confirm that the atmospheric response to declining sea ice could have implications far beyond the Arctic such as a decrease in the pole to equator temperature gradient, given the increased temperatures associated with the increase in open water, leading to a weaker jet stream and less storminess in the mid-latitudes.
The MIT researchers' initial impetus was to optimize the materials used in thermoelectric devices, which produce an electrical current from a temperature gradient.
In many industrial applications of transient free convection flow problems, there occurs a heat source or a sink which is either a constant or temperature gradient or temperature dependent heat source.
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