temperature gradient

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change in temperature as a function of distance (especially altitude)

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16 cfm (35 L/s), the air mixing effectiveness improved, resulting in a lower temperature gradient.
ROC curve analysis showed that core to peripheral temperature gradient and blood lactate levels had similar predictive values for increased risk of mortality (area under the curve, 0.
Consequently, it was necessary to analyze the correlation between temperature gradient and melt flow of molten pool in laser welding of aluminum alloy.
Figure 5 a shows that the FZS tends to create many unnecessary zones at the top section of the shaft with low temperature gradient (h > 20 m [65.
The organization of this paper follows the four stages to demonstrate the process conducted to obtain the temperature gradient of the airport pavement.
The investigations to date have indicated that temperature gradient is the factor causing both random and systematic effects of refraction.
The exploration programme includes 200 shallow temperature gradient drill holes on the Company's geothermal concessions in Peru.
They then have the ability to transfer that heat to its surrounding areas, causing a steep temperature gradient.
The Thermo Scientific Arktik Thermal Cycler provides the flexibility of three interchangeable blocks for standard 96-, 384- and 2x48-well PCR plates, with a broad and accurate temperature gradient option (not available in Germany or USA), offering a cross-block differential of up to 30 C.
funebralis to position itself on a temperature gradient, thereby expressing its preferred body temperature.
In addition, a higher unrecoverable drying shrinkage of concrete near the top of the slab and a positive temperature gradient during the concrete hardening can cause permanent displacement at zero-temperature gradient (Yu et al.
The temperature gradient was determined from the cut marked with an arrow (Fig.
The presence of a heat flux vector will always be accompanied by a temperature gradient vector.
Two main parameters are analyzed regarding to their direct effects on the formation of the mushy zone, the cooling parameter and temperature gradient at the boundary z = l.
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