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Together with changes in precipitation and increases in extreme events such as flooding and droughts, temperature change threatens countries' food security, and their ability to eradicate poverty and achieve sustainable development,' FAO said in a statement.
An absorbent article comprising: a temperature sensor; a temperature sensor retaining portion configured to retain the temperature sensor within the absorbent article; and at least one temperature change material arranged such that it is capable of affecting a temperature change due to a supply of excrement, and such that said temperature sensor is capable of providing an electronic response.
Hence, the aim of the present invitro study was to compare the temperature changes induced during polymerisation of Composite, Compomer, Resin modified GIC and Flowable composite using Quartz Tungsten Halogen light (QTHL), Plasma Arc curing light (PAC) and LED.
The largest 2-minute temperature change recorded nationally was 49 degrees, in Spearfish, South Dakota on Jan.
Researchers at the State University of New York at Albany analyzed eight years of satellite data of areas around lane wind farms in Texas, where four of the world's largest farms are located, and concluded that the temperature changes, "if spatially large enough, may have noticeable impacts on local to regional weather and climate.
The distance between any two points in the structure at one temperature will increase or decrease in direct proportion to the product of that distance, the absolute temperature change of the entire body, and a factor unique to the material.
When the leaf position with respect to the source of radiation changes by angle [beta], there emerges additional temperature change [DELTA]t within time interval d[tau] and difference in temperatures [t.
noting the additional impacts you would expect for a given degree in global temperature change," says Katharine Hayhoe of Texas Tech University, another coauthor.
People with Raynaud's may have to avoid everyday activities for fear that exposure to temperature change will trigger symptoms.
We must look at solar activity for the cause of global temperature changes.
The rapid temperature changes between the ranges used in the gradual temperature change experiments indicated that when abalone were transferred directly between these temperatures their NRR time gradually increased or decreased to the level corresponding with the new temperature.
Fuel pumps could adjust for temperature change, but gasoline companies are naturally not eager to make the adjustment, because the more the customer has to pay, the more they make.
With constant air flow, a zero temperature change is maintained during the drying process.
In which bottle did the temperature change the most?
Pallets are moved between loading and storage areas on two conveyor belts, which automatically trigger their doors' opening and closing to minimize condensation and ambient temperature change from the freezer to the cool dock.
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