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Perry looked to his generator; to the great tanks that held the life-giving chemicals with which he was to manufacture fresh air to replace that which we consumed in breathing; to his instruments for recording temperatures, speed, distance, and for examining the materials through which we were to pass.
However, during the initial high temperature testing of rubber compounds for static FEA, we discovered the trend of stress change was somehow contradictory to these results.
By simply ratcheting up a tumor's temperature a few degrees--similar to the tiny temperature difference between the testes and the rest of a man's body--scientists are boosting the power of radiation, chemotherapy, and cancer vaccines.
TG series temperature controllers offer individual microprocessor control of each zone and come standard with higher amperage for high-load manifold applications.
Heat the part to austenitize in the temperature range of 1,550-1,700F (843-927C) for a time sufficient to produce a fully austenitic matrix that is saturated with the equilibrium carbon content.
Among older people, the threat of scalding attributed to pressure and temperature changes is dramatically increased because:
During each work bout, oxygen consumption, heart rate, rectal temperature and rating of perceived exertion (RPE) were continuously monitored.
NHEERL research physiologist Penn Watkinson was testing software he had developed for analyzing electrocardiograms when he noticed how dramatic the effect of temperature can be.
The IR system records temperature data at a rate of six measurements per second.
The rise in temperature, measured in small fractions of a degree to about 62 degrees Fahrenheit, was not great and did not exceed the previous record by much, and several experts cautioned against making too much of it given the role of El Nino.
Oddly enough an outdoor temperature monitor is by far the most widely used method; however, it may activate a boiler even when the indoor temperature calls for lowered heat.
SAN DIEGO -- Cardium Therapeutics (OTCBB:CDTP) and its operating unit InnerCool Therapies today announced plans to launch two next-generation medical device systems designed to provide innovative and comprehensive solutions to patient temperature modulation.
Units have a maximum operating temperature of 1100 F.
Modifications to this test allow samples to cool to a desired temperature in the compressed state before being removed from fixtures, and allowed to recover to their final thickness.
That temperature trend was also present during the last ice age.