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in a sparing manner


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The photographer in the actual case had a securely protected First Amendment right to publicly oppose the antidiscrimination measure for any reason she wanted to express, including the view that homosexuality is immoral or disordered, and to do so either temperately or vituperatively.
Lauderdale may not have been temperately adapted to the cooler climate in Louisiana, or initial release numbers were too low to adequately establish populations.
Nay, nay, nay--I'm not sorry that she has been happy--no, no, I am glad of that--I would not have had her sad or sick--yet surely a sympathetic heart would have shown itself even in the choice of a song--she might have been temperately healthy, and somehow, plaintively gay;--but she has been dancing too, I doubt not
After he was awhile established, he Ordered himself so discreetly, so temperately and so wisely, that both she and all her family were governed by his high wisdom and discretion.
A sustainable use of finance in the case of football clubs would be realized by temperately investing in infrastructure or youth development and not by covering pathological financial deficits caused by overspending on salaries and transfer fees.
I have lived temperately, eating little animal food, and that not as an ailment but as a condiment for the vegetables which constitute my principal diet.
Live hard and temperately, be respectful, exercise your self-denial, bring up your family on next to nothing, pay your rent as regularly as the clock strikes, [and] be punctual in your dealings: (Dickens 1988, 111)
This means that the body itself, when so integrated through the virtuous mastery of right reason and will, can be said to actually "speak the language of temperance"; that is, it inclines one to eat temperately.
In truth, Harkness (although he apparently lived temperately and conservatively) could have committed all the seven deadly sins save one--he was anything but parsimonious, having given during his lifetime in excess of $100,000,000 to various charities ("Major Gifts").
Hast thou on hand jereboam none / Of Falernian temperately cradled?
Congressman Kastenmeier's 1985 proposed amendments to the Rules Enabling Act were a response, at least in part, to the scholarship of Professor Stephen Burbank, who had been temperately critical of the 1934 establishment of a rulemaking process that lacked full transparency and sensitivity to potential substantive consequences.
Notwithstanding his distortion of outer time, it should be noted that Hamlet eventually restores the accord between his faculties, with the imagination and understanding schematizing and legislating in relation to the categories, such that time is formalized as the succession of time, in that he, his I, assures his mother that "(his) pulse (of his bodily Ego) as (hers) doth temperately keep time" (III.
Ours was a liberal notion of equality, which responded temperately to the leveling impulse that had been part of Anglo-American political thought since the English Revolution.
Although I believe that academic dishonesty is unacceptable, I want to make a plea that faculty look to the factors underlying its existence and that they deal with student infractions temperately.
His passions may be "hot," like the Caribbean climate of his birth, but by "governing" his fortune temperately, Belcour epitomizes the link between British financial and moral rectitude, a rectitude that is a far cry from the "wanton and despotic" power wielded by other imperial nations, most notably (at least to Cumberland's audience) Spain (8).