temperate rain forest

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a rain forest in a temperate area

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The most biologically rich portion of the temperate rain forest is the soil, where at least 8,000 species of arthropods (insects, spiders, centipedes, and millipedes) play a critical role in recycling nutrients to the trees.
To get here you've hiked 3 miles from Lake Ozette through the dripping temperate rain forest.
Encompassing more than 26,000 square miles, the Tongass is bigger than 10 states and is the world's largest temperate rain forest.
4 x 4 Wilderness Adventure (Sitka) - Following a boat ride across majestic Sitka Sound -- home to whales, seals, otters and other marine life -- participants board two-person Yamaha Rhino 4x4 off-road vehicles and enjoy an exhilarating ride through Southeast Alaska's lush temperate rain forest and visit North Beach with its unique black-sand beaches.
He wants to show me what a pristine temperate rain forest really looks like.
Located in the wettest part of the state, just south of the Oregon border, the Smith flows through a temperate rain forest of redwood and fir trees, ferns, and moss.
Cape Perpetua's 26 miles of trails interconnect, and hikers who start at the tide pools can ascend into temperate rain forest, a result of the 105 inches of annual precipitation, Meznarich said.
It allows the logging of America's last wild roadless forests and fails to provide any protection whatsoever to the nation's largest wild forest and last temperate rain forest, the Tongass National Forest in Alaska.
The nation's largest intact temperate rain forest, the Tongass contains unspoiled water- sheds that are home to an array of wildlife, including bald eagles, wolves and brown bears, as well as five species of Pacific salmon that are critical to Alaska's vibrant fishing industry.
The Tillamook is a coastal, temperate rain forest where trees grow much faster and fire is infrequent.
The administration's plans for the Tongass threaten the nation's largest temperate rain forest, one that includes an extraordinary collection of wildlife and critical watersheds.
This time it's the cream of the Tongass National Forest - your forest - in Alaska, the largest remaining temperate rain forest on earth.
The Bush administration gave the logging and mining industries an impressive Christmas gift last week - access to 9 million acres of Alaska's Tongass National Forest, the largest temperate rain forest in the continental United States and a national treasure.
The creek drainage is also part of a 33,000-acre expanse of forestland that includes the Cummins Creek and Rock Creek wilderness areas - the largest piece of coastal temperate rain forest in the contiguous 48 states, he said.
The places surveyed are Olympic National Park, a place of temperate rain forests, waterfalls, and hiking trails; San Juan Island National Historical Park, a preserved slice of what "Oregon Territory" used to be like; Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve, where rural farming and fishing are still practiced; Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, a place that beckons explorers and modern-day warriors; Whitman Mission National Historic Site, which commemorates the turning point of westward expansion in America's history; and North Cascades National Park Service Complex, a breathtaking hiker's paradise filled with waterfalls, glaciers, and mountain peaks.