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a worker (especially in an office) hired on a temporary basis

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The other winners on the night were Laura Wainwright (receptionist temp of the year), Jenna Bennett (administrator temp of the year), Catherine Finch (graduate temp of the year), Sandra Reid (secretary temp of the year) and Lauren Hiard (PA temp of the year).
Our recruitment process for temps is very similar to how we recruit permanent Partners, so if someone does well in a short-term position, it's likely they've got the skills and acumen needed for longer term roles.
It also found Britain was one of only four other countries which do not operate a licensing scheme "to protect temps from cowboy agencies".
Managers tend to have the mindset that you order the temp when you need the temp.
The company needs a temp while that position's still needed, so I've seen some increases.
The temp labor sector is the fastest rising portion of labor, from white-collar office workers, to the folks who serve beer at baseball games, to construction workers and dean up crews.
A TEMP CAN FILL A KEY ORGANIZATIONAL NEED until the company finds a permanent replacement.
The temp industry itself might not embrace that vivid metaphor.
More than one manager told me that he or she didn't care how much the temp got paid because the company paid no benefits and the temp had no expectation of a full-time job.
Though singled out as the most contingent and given the lion's share of media attention, temporary workers at large temp firms stay on the payroll for only about four weeks, on average.
The benefits are clear; using temps avoids the hassle and management time involved in recruiting permanent staff, there is no need to put a temp on the business's own payroll and more importantly, in the past, temps have not claimed employment rights when their contract ended.
On October 17, 2002, the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service issued guidance under sections 6011 and 6112 of the Internal Revenue Code substantially modifying the rules relating to the disclosure and reporting of certain transactions under Temp.
She acknowledges the academic and statistical "conceptualizations and generalizations" of temps, but aims to focus on the arrangement using one-on-one interviews with temps and temp agency representatives.
In what the NLRB, an independent federal agency, calls an update of Depression-era statutes, temp agency workers no longer have to get permission of both their agency and assigned employer to engage in union activity.
For the past two years, Hoy has worked an average of 40 hours a week as a professional temp.