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a worker (especially in an office) hired on a temporary basis

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Recently, a temp agency emailed me a job description that was supposedly geared to a position we had open.
Hatton begins in chapter 1 by arguing that temp jobs today are stereotypically "bad" jobs, with lower wages, no benefits (such as health insurance), and no job security.
Katie Bard's Temp of the Year Awards recognise the achievements of its candidates based at a wide range of organisations across the region and were celebrated at Bar Opus at One Snow Hill in Birmingham.
The store's managing director Chris Earnshaw said: "It's fantastic that we have been able to offer some of our temps permanent roles at John Lewis Cardiff.
For now, companies should review which temps are likely to work on assignments longer than 12 weeks and review the information they are required to share with the agency.
The Northern TUC says UK agency temps are the least protected in Europe and agency workers in Poland and Slovenia have more rights.
I got to see lots of different companies and now I am ready to re-enter the job market on a more permanent basis I have accepted an offer of work in the conveyancing department of Paul Watson Solicitors in Churchtown, Southport, where I have been a temp.
The Temp of the Month award is presented to candidates who have a strong track record, consistently demonstrating the skills required to be a successful temp.
The first is slightly removed from my usual focus, but it is relevant to the total dynamic between the temp and the company.
Soaring layoff notices spelled bad news for a number of companies, but they've proved a boon to the temp business.
Since terminating a temp is done easilyand without notice, few people consider financial and emotional hardships on the temp.
In general, this period was fruitful for day labor and temp agencies, an economic era characterized by privatization and devolution in the social services arena.
The IWN Women's Policy Research Center is currently examining the enforcement of new legislation designed to end the practice of employing temp workers for an unlimited time period, and suggests other methods for securing the rights of temp employees.
How temp agencies use welfare-to-work laws to rack up big profits.
For veteran Silicon Valley temp workers like Julian Cornejo, the stark disparities drive home the point that temps-long underpaid, underemployed and "disposable"-must band together to improve conditions and restrict the ability of employers to exploit their labor.