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Synonyms for temerarious

Synonyms for temerarious

presumptuously daring


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They're playing a temerarious game plying energy to Europe, America and Japan.
Voltaire, a vocal advocate of Newton's work, stressed how Newton was able to address the fundamental issues during a time when "it seemed to the wisest that it was temerarious even to dare to think one could guess by what laws the heavenly bodies move and how light works" (2).
Catamarans and trimarans were then in a very embryonic stage of development, and unfortunately many of the people designing, building and sailing them were temerarious by nature and lacked expertise, and as a result they did the concept few Favours.
The ease with which an ever more flamboyant and temerarious sexual antinomianism has migrated through the general culture is instructive, at the very least, of how pliant even the most redoubtable of moral prejudices can prove before the blandishments of modern ideas when those ideas are conveyed, principally, by television.
Today", the President intoned (in words chosen for him by White House amanuensis Pat Buchanan, then at the beginning of h is temerarious political career), (6)