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the final stage of meiosis when the chromosomes move toward opposite ends of the nuclear spindle

the final stage of mitosis

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2013) remains to be established, but the induction of p21 expression certainly contributed to the observed accumulation of cells in telophase.
Nevertheless, when maturation was evaluated by meiosis development, for each heat shock treatment (HS1, HS2), greatest number of oocytes was not progressing to MetaphaseII (MII), and most of them got arrested in the stages between germinal vesicle breakdown (GVBD) and Telophase I (Table 4).
The sequence of events is as follows: primary phragmoplasts develop in the interzones between pairs of telophase II nuclei, secondary phragmoplasts develop adventitiously among all non-sister nuclei and all six phragmoplasts merge.
10 and 50 [micro]g/ml number of prophases and telophases generally increases by prolonging treatments, and the number of metaphases and anaphases decreases.
The presence of one to several univalent chromosomes or fragments at metaphase I or telophase II and anaphase II suggested the lack of full homology in the pairing of homologous chromosomes.
Irregular chromosome segregation, characterized by precocious chromosome migration to the poles at metaphases (Figure 1b and f), laggard chromosomes at anaphases (Figure 1c and g), leading to micronuclei formation at telophases (1c, d, e, and h) and tetrads (Figure 1i) were recorded in all the hybrids and their genitors in different amounts.
Survivin is a chromosomal passenger protein involved in metaphase, anaphase and telophase.
After telophase, the fragments or whole chromosomes give rise to one or several secondary nuclei which are small than the main daughter nucleus and are therefore called micronuclei (Schmid, 1975; Heddle et.
The cells were recorded as normal or aberrant in the different stages of the cell cycle namely: interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase or telophase.
While by the end of mitosis, in telophase, dispersed lamins again reassemble to reform the NE thereby enclosing the decondensing chromosomes inside.
Telophase Cremation Society in San Diego is in charge of arrangements.
Extensive observations of HeLa cells from synchronized and nonsynchronized cultures indicate that the majority of the NC were observed in cells that were in late telophase or very early interphase.
gene heredity mutation mitosis embryo allele helix clone sequence polymer autosome phenotype recessive metaphase locus polymerase telophase oligonucleotide geneticist interphase prophase phage bacteriophage chromomere transduction transformation nucleus Mendelian genome meiosis chromosome recombinant pedigree plasmid vector replicon nucleosome chromatography zygote centromere anaphase genotype endonuclease backcross exonuclease polyploidy diakinesis cytogenetics crossover segregate codominance dominance translocation nucleolus
A broad range of chromosomal mutations was observed, namely C-metaphases, anaphase bridges, sticky chromosomes, chromosome fragments, micronuclei, telophase arrests, and double nuclei, etc.
Together with our Telophase Society Cremation Centers, these facilities provide families with the widest selection of funeral and cemetery options in the San Diego market.