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an enzyme in eukaryotic cells that can add telomeres to the ends of chromosomes after they divide

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Telomerase modulates expression of growth-controlling genes and enhances cell proliferation.
Mothers who perceived their stress levels as high had significantly shorter telomeres and less telomerase activity than did women reporting lower stress.
About 150 reports on telomerase are being presented at this week's meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research, up from five or so two years ago.
Several telomerase activator drug candidates have been advanced into early efficacy studies, including animal models of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) and in vitro studies employing immune cells from HIV patients.
The latest findings by the researchers at the UT Southwestern Medical Center demonstrated that telomerase repairs chromosomes in one of two ways - depending on whether a cell is dividing normally or if the cell is under stress from enzyme inhibition - and could lead to new or improved cancer-fighting therapies that promote inhibition of this enzyme.
NEW YORK, April 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Telomerase Activation Sciences, Inc.
An important step in improving telomerase detection was the development of the telomeric repeat amplification protocol [(TRAP).
This AACR Special Conference underscores the importance of telomerase as a cancer target.
We found that ABC not only downregulates telomerase activity but also reduces proliferation and induces differentiation, suggesting that its use could be an effective therapeutic strategy for the treatment of telomerase expressing tumors, such as medulloblastomas," said lead researcher Francesca Pentimalli, PhD, an assistant adjunct professor at the Sbarro Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine.
Now, scientists from UCLA and UC Berkeley have produced images of telomerase in much higher resolution than ever before, giving them major new insights about the enzyme.
The researchers found telomerase reverse transcriptase gene mutations in three of the 292 smokers with emphysema, a disease in which the air sacs in the lungs are gradually damaged, making the person increasingly more short of breath.
The enzyme telomerase is overexpressed in almost all cancer cells, and previous research efforts have failed to identify good telomerase inhibitors.
Washington, January 27 ( ANI ): An Indian origin scientist and his team analyzed the genomes of 14 family members who were affected by malignant melanoma and found an identical mutation in the gene for telomerase, an enzyme often called 'immortality enzyme', in all persons studied.
In a discovery that could have implications for new cancer therapies, a team of researchers led by Pascal Chartrand at Universite de Montreal's Department of Biochemistry have obtained the first real-time images showing the activity of a molecule called telomerase.
Human cells can keep living and dividing indefinitely when telomerase is continually present; i.