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a brittle silver-white metalloid element that is related to selenium and sulfur

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Tellurium containing pastes have demonstrated improved electrical contact to silicon solar cells over non tellurium containing paste.
The tolerance limit of foreign ion which often accompany with Selenium and Tellurium was studied.
Machining the abrasive tellurium copper alloy into male and female contact components with demanding specifications on surface finish had always been a challenge.
The Tellurium alloy used in ablative products is particularly susceptible to corrosion and the sensitive layer is, therefore, protected from the atmosphere by a hermetically sealed air sandwich design.
It also produces gold, silver, iridium, ruthenium, selenium and tellurium.
Leveraging its strengthened patent portfolio, this new series of paste was formulated using tellurium glass frit, which is known for improving the paste performance of solar cells.
The arrangement is by alloy--a partner-switching dance involving zinc, silicon, selenium, tellurium, cadmium, and mercury.
The finding supports the theory that tellurium, along with even heavier elements in the periodic table, likely originated from a very rare type of supernova during a rapid process of nuclear fusion.
The team builds up the dots using a one-pot process, where cadmium salts, tellurium salts, and DNA oligomers are all mixed together and heated to just below boiling.
Tellurium is an industrial mineral with a limited supply and a growing demand.
A vertically integrated miner, refiner and producer of tellurium (Te) and high-purity tellurium based metals for specific segments of the global electronic materials market, Apollo Solar also announced that gross profit for 2008 increased 164% to $1.
Tellurium in the metal will have an adverse affect on metal quality, because it is a strong carbide-forming element.
8 system using tellurium diethyldithiocarbamate as the booster, according to the company.
The patent covers the use of leaded and lead free tellurium glasses in the production of metallization pastes.
The topics include the future of glass melting through the in-flight melting technique, modifying the surface and interface of silicate glass using supercritical water, studying the fiber structure and elastic properties of silica glass with molecular dynamics simulations, glass-ceramics from kinescope glass cullet, tellurium oxide thin film waveguides for integrated photonics, and the effects of reducing agent on the photoluminescence properties of alkali borosilicate phase-separated glasses doped with copper ion.