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a brittle silver-white metalloid element that is related to selenium and sulfur

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The enthusiasm of those early days was fueled by successes with bismuth telluride, still the best thermoelectric material known.
Despite a few practical uses of bismuth telluride, there had been no significant advances in efficiency by the mid-1960s, so labs cut back on their research.
Tellurides are refractory to cyanidation and must be removed and treated separately.
Tellurides are readily floatable but telluride content is variable and usually only associated with high-grade ore so the circuit is run intermittently.
Electron microprobe analysis has shown that the gold and silver-bearing minerals of the vein are the telluride minerals petzite and hessite, which are inclusions in pyrite.
We hopped into a people carrier and set sail for Telluride four hours away.
Telluride has always been a little better off than Crested Butte.
Telluride is truly Western, with a historic district of gingerbread Victorians and saloon fronts preserved since the days of Butch Cassidy, who staged his first bank robbery here.
1 Fly for half the price Nonstop flights from Los Angeles, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Denver, Dallas, and Houston land at Telluride Regional Airport, the highest commercial airport in North America, or Montrose Regional Airport, a little more than an hour away.
It involves a process by which Telluride teachers are in grade-level professional learning communities in order to examine data and determine instructional strategies and interventions both for small groups of students and for individuals.
Wax your skis and boards and head to Telluride for the official opening of 733 acres of new lift-served terrain that nearly doubles the size of the mountain.