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Synonyms for telluric

relating to or characteristic of the earth or of human life on earth

Synonyms for telluric

of or relating to or inhabiting the land as opposed to the sea or air

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A total of 77 strains were obtained from two varieties of potato vegetal material and its rhizospheric soils (40 telluric actinomycetes, 25 endophytic actinomycetes and 12 fluorescent Pseudomonas spp.
His decision to use the pseudonym of Miguel Torga reflected his telluric closeness to the inhospitable nature of the Portuguese mountains.
There was a belief which claimed that American native view was determined by telluric or mythical forces along with transculturated/mix raced worldviews that gave a peculiar treatment to the land, a treatment that Eurocentrism has failed to decipher.
Partisan is telluric (but Schmitt suggests that Partisan is a kind of 'earth corsair', that operates like a submarine--underground) and is defensive but she/he is also a highly politicized figure a hybrid somewhere between a civilian and a regular soldier.
These currents are largely controlled by the deeper telluric currents from the moho and outer core.
time post available, please state preference and send CV to Director, Telluric Land Remediation K1 South Point Industrial Estate, Foreshore Road, Cardiff CF10 4SP mail i.
Aimpoint has partnered with Telluric Group LLC to provide a Close Combat Optic (CCO) training course for U.
During its first year at Durham City Retail Park, Richard Hardie was one of the lucky dealerships to offer the limited edition RCZ Asphalt - a model sure to turn heads with its iconic matt Telluric grey bodywork.
As we move along the nineteenth and well into the twentieth century, the presence of animals and plants continues to multiply and will be part of the telluric texts, the poetry and the essays of Caribbean writers trying to explain themselves as Caribbean entities and not just as extensions of Europe.
As pointed out, the situation draws our attention to the tremendous telluric profundities, which generate various forms of life.
The model features a Telluric matte grey body finish, two-tone 19-inch wheels and embellishments unique to the Asphalt.
Several authors showed the role of the telluric micro-organisms in the grounds resistance to the vascular fusariosis [1,2].
But if the fundamentalism of the sea leads to universal uprooting and an unbridled spirit of conquest equally problematic is a thought rooted in the land since it displaces the aberrations of a boundless fluidity in a telluric, earthly dimension.
Tracing his own teenage investigations into earth batteries and what some call 'rock music,' Gorman develops a methodology for sonification of the electrical and telluric currents that circulate beneath the surface of the earth.
True political entities cultivate a "total" bond, as Schmitt puts it, between their members, a telluric bond to a particular space, and a nomic bond to other entities.