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Synonyms for telluric

relating to or characteristic of the earth or of human life on earth

Synonyms for telluric

of or relating to or inhabiting the land as opposed to the sea or air

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2015), 65% of the total variability of telluric gamma radiation measurements could be explained by the spatial coordinates of the home, which is of the same order of magnitude as in the United Kingdom and Swiss studies (Kendall et al.
MATT Corby will finally release debut album Telluric on March 11, two years after deciding to scrap it and start again because he wasn't satisfied with the original results.
Yesrinia pestis as a telluric, human ectoparasite-borne organism.
Stair, the macho modernist, in thrall to the aesthetic of the grid, individual authorship and traditions of modern studio pottery; the telluric authenticity of clay shaped, handled and fired with reason and care.
Magnetotelluric methods rely on Earth's natural electrical, or telluric, currents to measure the electrical resistance of rocks from the surface to depths of hundreds of kilometers.
Natural catastrophes may be telluric (earthquake, flooding), meteorological (hurricane), parasitic (insects) or epidemic (cholera).
1953) Basic theory of the magneto telluric method of geophysical prospecting.
For telluric strains isolation, soil samples were taken under healthy potato plants.
Abandoning Pessoa's multiple voices, and focusing on the telluric world depicted by Miguel Torga, Maria Noguera aims to increase international appreciation of one of the most intense contemporary Portuguese poets, novelists and dramatists in her essay "La leyenda de 'A Maria Lionga' en el contexto de Contos da Montanha.
She explains how, until scientists had unravelled the aetiology of anthrax in the late-nine-teenth century, stockowners regarded it as a mysterious telluric disease that emanated from the soils.
The erotic expression in Blaga commutes between two terms: one of the depth and of telluric materiality, the other of the immaterial sublimation of the former.
Much has been said about Burgos's uses of natural symbols and space as erotic instances of feminine agency, and it is clear to many that this naturalization of space is precisely a rewriting of not only the imperial reappropriation of the land, but also the telluric discourse of space used by the paternalistic narratives of the 1920s and '30s.
If you think about pre-historic times, the stone age, when mankind was at a very primitive stage of evolution, a consideration comes to mind: "things" changed naturally through erosion, earthquakes, wind, telluric shifting etc.
Therefore, they will create the literary trend Mundonovismo, an Americanist movement emerged from essayist Francisco Contreras (1927), in which a syncretic narrative was claimed through a modernist /postmodernist reorientation: tradition and contemporaneity, nativism and universality, the telluric and the mythical, the update of the ancient myths and the renew of realism through metaphors, allegories, and collective symbols.
Resources, Violence and the Telluric Geographies of Small Wars.