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If she gets a telling-off from me, her poor toys will be in for it later.
Three-quarters of old folk say that when offspring misbehaved as teenagers one telling-off was enough.
When Simon found out, he wasn't impressed and gave them a stern telling-off.
Gazza's well-documented alcohol problems have landed him with a fair share of bad Press over the years, so it was perhaps no surprise one telling-off came when he pointed a gun at a group of journalists.
Angela Champ's first job should be to give her silly daughter the telling-off of her life, not start a scrapbook.
He scored two glorious goals to turn a potentially fatal defeat into a memorable first triumph of the season and earned a tribute and a telling-off from his boss.
A STRESSED Santa was given a telling-off after he threw a family out of his grotto - because he had a train to catch.
THE Queen's staff are said to have got a right royal telling-off - after they replaced her 40-year-old TV set with a trendy HD flat-screen model.
BRITNEY Spears just can't steer clear of trouble these days - as a traffic officer gives her a stern telling-off for speeding.
Friend Richard Pilley, 36, said: "She's given him a right telling-off.
Alfred Scott's "disruptive" son had been taken out of a lesson by Tom Neave for a telling-off, a court heard yesterday.
EXETER manager John Cornforth praised his side's response to his half-time telling-off.
Ms Storer was distressed about the treatment given to her cancer-suffering partner Keith Sedgwick, and gave the premier a right telling-off in front of the television cameras.
Shop assistants moved in swiftly to clear up the mess with sheets of tissue paper and Geri gave Harry a stern telling-off.