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Synonyms for telling

Synonyms for telling

serving to convince

Synonyms for telling

an act of narration

informing by words

disclosing information or giving evidence about another

disclosing unintentionally

powerfully persuasive

Related Words

producing a strong effect

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The team begins with an intriguing sentence: "Telling a lie takes longer than telling the truth, but precisely why remains uncertain.
Borden was quick to cast himself as the victim of heavy-handed public school officials, telling a local New Jersey television news outlet that he did not believe his practices had violated anyone's rights.
Long talks with family and with staff at my MS center in New York convinced me that telling would be personally salutary.
95) will also appeal to teens as well as adults, with its second story in the series telling of a girl who faces a new battle from outside her town.
Others will smile and stop at his folding table, telling Leland it's been years since they've seen the little paper flowers he is handing out.
Then he started telling others he thought I was gay.
Why is Maliszewski trying to "expose" a professional storyteller for telling fictions?
I start with that and consider telling her the rest.
It's part autobiography, speaking of his childhood and his lessons learned from music, and part inspirational, telling of the highs and lows of embarking on a singing career.
Through three novels and six volumes of short stories, Cooper has been telling these tales in a voice that is shoot-from-the-hip direct, moralistic, cautionary yet always compassionate.
He was telling me how proud of me he was for standing up to my boss, and how he had read what my boss had said," she says.
For decades, psychologists have done laboratory experiments in an attempt to describe differences between the behavior of liars and of people telling the truth.
In March [1999]," Vicky recalled, "we got a letter from the school psychologist telling us that Shaina was still struggling, and that she displayed all of the 'characteristics' of a child suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
Start by telling us--your investors--why we should entrust a piece of our portfolios to you.
The final stage was characterized by children telling a coherent, elaborate story from beginning to end without getting sidetracked.