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United States physicist (born in Hungary) who worked on the first atom bomb and the first hydrogen bomb (1908-2003)

an official appointed to count the votes (especially in legislative assembly)

an employee of a bank who receives and pays out money

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For instance, customers can withdraw money from their bank accounts without using a traditional ATM card and passwords, and like branch tellers, remote tellers can introduce bank products and services to customers after completing bank transactions.
The Interactive Teller is located at the Muscat Grand Mall (MGM).
24/7 Personal Tellers were first introduced in the branch lobbies and vestibules of MHV's 11 branch locations starting in 2008.
Robert Scott, one of Sanchez's attorneys, said any sense of privacy is lost with the bank's layout, in which tellers work at individual tables in the lobby, as opposed to behind a traditional teller counter.
Typically, tellers are trained to comply with the request and get the robber out of the bank.
For instance, customers can perform secure transactions without using a traditional ATM card and, like branch tellers, remote tellers can provide customers access to cash in their accounts in amounts over the standard ATM daily cash withdrawal limits.
At the new Waiakea branch, First Hawaiian Bank (FHB) tellers will assist customers remotely through new video teller machines that look similar to an ATM.
The efficiency and security created through the centralization of tellers enables banks to transform their branch locations into more effective service and sales environments," said Habib Hanna, Managing Director for South Gulf & Pakistan region, NCR.
Economists, consultants and credit union executives surveyed in a Credit Union Times article said that there would be fewer tellers in the future, but the teller job would evolve to include more responsibility and bigger paychecks.
As a progressive financial services organization committed to delivering highly personalized service to our more than 400,000 members, we realized the need for a fully automated and integrated system that would allow our tellers and service representatives to focus on the needs of our members, not on simply completing a series of transactions," said AFCU Senior Vice President for Branch Delivery, Randy Halley.
He uses profanity and intimidates the tellers by shouting.
INDIANAPOLIS -- Salin Bank's tellers will be staying open for business longer and reaching their customers at their convenience, even though the bank branches' doors are locked.
The bank is making remote tellers available on the device seven days a week, for a total of 70 hours.
NCR has unveiled new technology that lets consumers video conference with live, remote bank tellers directly from the ATM.