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Synonyms for telex

a character printer connected to a telegraph that operates like a typewriter

communicate by telex

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Nine has a long history with RTS Telex dating back to early Nine outside broad-cast trucks where we started off using the CS9500 frames and KP95 key panels which in those days were considered cutting-edge, fitting into a 50-port matrix.
Batelco has advised financial institutions using Telex for SWIFT transactions to use the SWIFTNet Mail service provided by SWIFT.
The Telex Legacy system is essential in a wireless network system," Gubser said.
According to the company, Telex will be integrated into the Bosch Security Systems division.
Improved Reliability: EasyLink's Telex solution is based on the latest networking technology, offering significantly better reliability than legacy Telex systems;
It is undisputed that Hamilton had refused to make payment on the LC based upon the failure to present an authenticated telex as required by the LC.
The company continued using Telex and Tymnet into the late 1980s.
In April, extensive enquiries in Washington and London concluded that the telex was a fake.
In many developing countries, this means transmitting and receiving via telex rather than facsimile.
According to McDevitt, the system's integrated package of electronic mail, fax, and telex services has made the task of organizing global conferences much easier-both before and after the events.
835-304, Telex 875149 Pyrit D Master Builders Technologies, 23700 Chagrin Blvd.
National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is "shocked and dismayed by the action of Chinese government troops against peaceful demonstrators in Tiananmen Square and elsewhere in Beijing, with such great loss of life," NAS President Frank Press said in a telex to Chinese officials last week.
It isn't cumbersome like old Telex machines nor is it tricky to learn like some videotex and online database systems.
Telex BTR-800 2-Channel Wireless/Wired UHF Base Station 2.
It said the NAVTEX (navigational telex) issued by Turkey for exploration in the island's EEZ from October 20 to December 30 was not broadcast through the National Navigational Telex Coordinator and thus was not in conformity with the navigational telex manual of the International Maritime Organisation issued in accordance with the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea of 1974.