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Ieuan Wyn Jones discusses the recycling of television tubes with CRT director Andre Assman
Workers have sabotaged many of the last television tubes to be made at the plant in Mossend.
The America I knew is already replaced by robots, computers and the evil television tube.
Thomson Consumer Electronics, which recently invested $20 million in its color television tube facility, is the county's largest employer with 2,500 workers.
A slew of other businesses -- ranging from a life insurance company and a telecom business unit to a television tube plant in Mexico and commercial vehicle manufacturing units -- would also be sold to foreign investors.
Television tube makers Chunghwa have invested in setting up a new production plant in Lanarkshire which will create more than 3,000 jobs in the district over the next few years.
If you've watched all your snooker through the end of a television tube that name will mean very little.
Applied as tiny dots on the inside surface of a television tube, such materials, when excited, could generate intense light of precisely defined colors to create bright, vivid displays.
The Company's intent to close the last remaining color television tube plant located in the United States is the end of an era of 5 decades of profitable US operations," said Chief Executive Officer Ron Ordway.
A further 761 jobs were lost at LG Philips in Durham when the television tube factory was closed and production moved to China.
LG Philips said the speed of the settlement was "positive news" for the television tube manufacturer's workforce, coming just three weeks after it was announced the plant would close in July.
Smith was the ideal tonic for a comedy drama that at first looked as if it might disappear somewhere up its own television tube.
The Learning and Skills Council, County Durham, has announced its support will be used to retrain 761 employees facing redundancy at the television tube factory in Durham.
The Mann Organisation has television tube recycling plants at Ross-on-Wye and in Scotland and France.
Internationally, the sale includes excess and currently unused display panel forming press and associated cut and flare equipment, and a surplus 29-34" television tube manufacturing line.