television transmitter

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transmitter that is part of a television system

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We do not believe that a residential community is the appropriate site for one of the most powerful television transmitters in Europe.
The attacks blasted Serbia's main television transmitter in Belgrade, the HQ of the Yugoslav Army, the federal Interior Ministry, a police building and an ammunition storage site.
That's a pulse of electromagnetic energy sent out by a television transmitter tower.
government will begin tests of an airborne television transmitter intended to beam video propaganda into Cuba.
Tenders are invited for Supply and deliver 5200 watt solid state air cooled digital television transmitter, mask filter and installation to the state.
548 billion in 2014, TRT's revenue for the year was composed of TL 801 million from a TRT tax on electricity bills, more than TL 600 million in fees from the sales of all devices containing a radio or television transmitter and TL 110 million in advertising revenue.
It was only in that year that the television transmitter at Pontop Pike was completed about two years ahead of schedule in time for the Coronation in June.
Holme Moss was the first television transmitter for the north of England and opened on October 12, 1951.
Their wide input correction range and high overload capability make them the preferred choice of both radio and television transmitter manufacturers when placing their products in harsh electrical environments.
To celebrate his 60th birthday he jumped from the Nebo television transmitter in Gwynedd and, aged 61, he launched himself off the world's highest waterfall, the Angel Falls in Venezuela, which has a 3,000 foot drop.
People who live near a television transmitter in the Midlands are at greater risk of contracting cancer, it was claimed yesterday.
A radio and television transmitter at Mount Jastrebac, 120 miles south-west of Belgrade.
Glenlivet - 10 miles from Tomintoul, Banffshire, and famous for its whisky distillery - was given a new television transmitter mast two weeks ago.
This event is an automatic shutdown method used in many high power transmitters as a safety circuit, which can wreak havoc on a television transmitter.