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The court held that the fee could not be recovered from those who do not possess television sets.
They are particularly interested in speaking to anyone who may have been offered television sets for sale, or who knows where the stolen sets are.
Far and away, the largest segment of the television set market is the third type, direct-view.
Firefighters from the Binley and Radford Road stations arrived minutes later and made the television set safe.
The hotel industry is failing to educate owners and managers on how to recycle television sets, or often that television sets need to be recycled by state and local requirements.
Starting at $25 a night, the Cat Hotel - named best in the country by Cat Fancy Magazine - offers everything a pampered feline could want: roomy cages to jump around in, a comfy couch to sink a tired body into, soft lighting and even a television set tuned to the Animal Planet cable channel.
A burglar was critically wounded Sunday after a homeowner caught him trying to take a television set and shot him twice with a shotgun when he tried to attack, police said.
The MPLAY IP set-top-box will connect directly to a television set and also to the Internet bringing not only streaming television and video on demand, but also the full Abbeyphone(TM) platform which today provides voice, video conferencing, Instant Messaging (IM) and advanced presence to a variety of devices and end-points ranging from web browsers, IP phones, mobile phones and PDAs.
It also will set up a titanic battle for the nation's living rooms between computer companies and television set manufacturers, both of which want to build the digital device that will display these images.
By 2010, 12 million European TV households will receive HDTV programmes and watch them on an HD-ready television set.
The $200 Net Link, when connected to Sega's $200 Saturn game machine, displays World Wide Web pages on a television set and provides electronic mail service.
There is a television set in more than half of the bedrooms of young people age 11 to 17, according to a 1995 survey commissioned by the Children and the Media program of Children Now.
A quadriplegic and the mother of an 8-year-old boy, Jordan uses voice commands to make telephone calls, turn on the television set and adjust the lighting in her home.
Our consumer research finds that 18% of Internet respondents claim to own a digital television set as of September 2005, with an additional 20% planning to buy one by September 2006.