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an announcer on television


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Someone with the same profile would pay more than pounds 80 more for saying they were the landlord of a licensed premises than if they were a publican, while builders and broadcasters would pay over pounds 50 more than bricklayers and television announcers.
A television announcer will pay almost twice as much as a bricklayer to insure the same car but can reduce their premium by referring to themselves as a broadcaster.
What recent event is the television announcer describing?
As the stodgy television announcer would likely say, "How much is your safety worth?
An actor, radio and television announcer, author, and publisher, Mr.
He visibly recoiled when a television announcer described Division Two as a `one-horse race' and said: ``Don't even think it.
In an address read out by a state television announcer to mark Christmas Eve, Saddam again rejected American and British claims that his regime possessed weapons of mass destruction.
The History Channel ``Mail Call'' show host, a Palmdale resident, joined local radio and television announcer Mitchell Chase, who for the fifth year is spending a weekend in a supermarket parking lot collecting food for Antelope Valley's needy.
US television announcer Ken Rudolph sums up ten-year-old mule Ruby Black, who has won 22 of her last 23 starts
A television announcer in the 1950s with Granada, she went on to present The Five O'Clock Club TV show and was a former Radio Luxembourg DJ.
A SCOTS television announcer has become the voice of the new Action Man toy.
Yoichi Hayashida, 48, a company president, and Hirohide Uozumi, 60, a former member of the House of Representatives, are running as independents, while television announcer Mariko Koyama, 46, is running on the DPJ ticket.
Radio and television announcer George Fenneman, perhaps best remembered for his 12-year association with Groucho Marx on the popular radio and TV gameshow "You Bet Your Life," died May 29 of respiratory failure at his home in Los Angeles.
Protests were also reported in five Damascus suburbs, Syria's second largest city Aleppo and Maarat al-Numan near Jisr al-Shughour, and a state television announcer said that "in response to people's calls, units from the Syrian Arabic Army started its duties .
Diana, who is preparing to release a new album in the upcoming period, has been chosen to replace Lebanese television announcer Razan Moughrabi, who was the former face for the fashions by Naomi.
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