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Synonyms for television

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The reasons behind the protests vary, but most rely on some fairly shaky math that CEA says indicates that consumers are (and will be) unwilling to pay the additional costs associates with adding a DTV tuner to a television.
Characters in films and television programs radiate class information about themselves to audience members who know precisely how to read such clues.
The CBC/SRC connected the longest microwave television network in the world in 1957, and in 1972 Canada launched Anik-1, the first satellite dedicated to the domestic broadcat of television.
Network executives look at the expanded talent pool as a way to tell more interesting stories and compete with the quality of shows on cable television.
In their program "TV Boris and Video Misha," Kopper and Solyom studied the recent struggle on Soviet television between what they described as Eastern word-dominated and Western image-based cultures.
Television reporters and their bosses at first huffed and puffed that the study missed the point--that it wasn't how long someone spoke but what was said that was important.
Tagged "ION Television: Television in Motion," the on-air campaign will kick off with a series of promotions and image spots, as well a new on-screen network bug logo.
So far, audiences have not hustled back to see the latest incarnation (fifth for ``Newlywed'' and sixth for ``Dating'') of classic American television played on sets that are simulations of the originals.
In the debate over television violence, too many people are ripping fictional acts of violence from the context their stories provide, as though viewers were watching those acts as isolated incidents on the 6 o'clock news.
the nation's leading satellite television service provider, presents the finest television experience available to more than 15.
The XC5000 is the only hybrid global television tuner with an integrated programmable DSP that optimizes the hardware to achieve world-class tuner performance.
The bandwidth savings of our industry leading MPEG-4 AVC encoding and the efficiency of our IP systems enable DTT operators such as NTV to make their business models work and to look forward to introducing new compelling consumer services such as interactive, on-demand and high definition television that help to attract and retain viewers," says Eric Baron, President of TANDBERG Television EMEA.
TANDBERG Television (OSE:TAT) and NBC announced today that the 58th Primetime Emmy Awards telecast will provide audiences with exclusive, live behind-the-scenes access via unique broadband TV interactivity and immerse television fans in the awards ceremony like never before through its "NBC Emmy Awards Interactive" application.
These encoders establish new performance levels for the compression industry, coupled with unmatched flexibility, enabling broadcasters and operators to enhance their services across the entire video distribution chain," says Eric Cooney, President and CEO of TANDBERG Television.
During the quarter TANDBERG Television exhibited its integrated compression, on-demand and interactive solutions and delivered addresses at over 15 industry events in Asia, Europe and North America.