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a unit of measurement for telephone use

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Calling out Jude Nottingham (centre), marketing director of The Leadership Factor, with assistant field manager Denise Hodgson and telephone unit manager Chris Newbold SATISFACTION SURVEYED Clients include Churchill insurance and Manchester United Football Club
The account teams were re-housed and larger telephone unit facilities made available, creating more space for the expanding telephone interviewing team.
Among the many features found on board are an electronic parking brake, an optional high-end 600 watt Dynaudio hi-fi sound system and Bluetooth telephone unit.
Help the Aged offers SeniorLink, an immediate telephone response service whereby at the press of a button, (via the telephone unit, a neck pendant or wrist strap) the client is immediately connected to the SeniorLink response centre.
Volkswagen has introduced some of the latest electronic and technical automotive developments including a Bluetooth telephone unit and high quality sound system plus the use of an electronic handbrake and 2Zone Climatronic system.
Additionally, a cordless telephone unit, consisting of the base and handset, was disconnected from the cord in the bedroom and placed in the bedroom closet.
Prosecutor Caroline Rees said: ``The husband went downstairs at 4am and found the telephone unit in the hall lying on the floor.
the cellular telephone unit of state-owned Telekom Malaysia Bhd.
satellite telephone system achieved an important regulatory milestone recently when its fixed telephone unit was formally approved for use throughout the European Union (EU).
From all we can tell it was merely an oversight on the part of the people running the telephone unit,'' Koch said.
Long-term maintenance costs will include monthly rental on each telephone unit, a monthly service charge for each telephone line, and costs related to computer and printer use.
The local telephone unit generates ROA of 8 percent, and the cellular unit generates ROA of 10 percent; therefore, the firm as a whole generates an ROA of 9 percent.
The final category consists of federally approved, high-grade encryption devices, such as the Secure Telephone Unit Type III (STU-III), with specialized TEMPEST fax units.
Successes as rapid as those of Sun, Microsoft, Apple, Vobis, and Siemens' telephone unit almost never occur in industries like steel or automobiles.
In addition, as of January 1, 1984, each new firm owned (a) a one-seventh interest in Bell Communications Research (Bellcore), a spin-off from Bell Laboratories, and (b) a portion of the cellular telephone unit (Advanced Mobile Phone Service) started by AT&T.