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The estimated maximum amount of subsequent contract - fixed telephony services over a period of 12 months for a minimum of one main telephone line, ISDN PRA flow, Direct Dial Inward 45 and maximum 45 individual main telephone lines, ISDN PRA four streams, 100 Direct Inward Dial .
Being able to deliver the same data rate over a longer telephone line is important as it increases the customer base potential to a central office.
It also combines telephone line surge protection and an excess current detection feature, which identifies potentially dangerous current conditions that may damage notebook modems on a telephone line.
The other option for getting more Internet speed is installing in your office an integrated services digital network (ISDN) telephone line, which operates at four times the speed of a 33.
3) telephone line connector, so he can connect two phone lines together if the jack is across the room from an outlet or table,
The short telephone line plugs into the jack on the FAX machine and the line from the FAX modem plugs into the telephone jack on the FAXSCANNER box.
Many small businesses are paying to have dedicated telephone lines for voice, fax machines, point-of-sale terminals and credit card terminals, which can be extremely costly.
While placing call blocking on the originating telephone line may be the most obvious countermeasure, certain features of this service make it less than practical for undercover operations.
For offices--large or small--where telephone lines are at a premium, there's a new accessory that eliminates the need to dedicate a telephone line to teach FAX machine.
Sandstorm develops aggressive software products for network monitoring, network forensics analysis, and security auditing including telephone line scanning.
Finally, the compressed image and sound are sent over a telephone line to the receiving videophone, which reassembles the pixels.
In addition, multiple point-of-sale terminals or cash registers can share the line, helping businesses eliminate monthly telephone line charges for separate cash registers.
The sleek, pocket-sized WiFlyer plugs into a standard telephone line or Ethernet cable to provide a personal or shareable WiFi hotspot in any home, hotel or office.
Private sector voice and data service providers have been established and plans laid for substantial network expansion of telephone line capacity.
to launch ADSL2+, the latest DSL standards breakthrough that effectively increases the connection speed over 24 Mbps over a normal two-wire telephone line.