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What doesn't add up, however, is that in 1974, before the era of mobile phones, there were numerous telephone kiosks scattered around Birmingham City centre.
Five other telephone kiosks were also affected, in Hillhead Road in West Denton; Hillhead Parkway in Chapel House; Tyne View in Lemington; Grange Road in Newburn; Coach Road in Throckley; and Valley View, Lemington.
Five other telephone kiosks in the outer west of Newcastle have also been affected.
Meanwhile, Mangel's telephone kiosks will be decorated by artists then placed temporarily in Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park and other locations.
ADOPTED: Cllr Julia Rostron, and Middlesbrough Council's conservation officer David Carruthers with the telephone kiosks by the town hall Picture by DOUG MOODY
A lot of these telephone kiosks have got Grade II Listed status, yet they are being shipped out to the Arab Emirates and I think that is a tragedy.
Nearly all of our telephone kiosks, the cast iron multi-windowed mode, made to last forever, have gone the same way.
Collaborators on books associated with the popular BBC Restoration television series present a tour of some 700 English buildings from the country's castles, cathedrals, Kew Gardens' Palm House, and other historic architectural icons to modern shops, barns, pubs, and those photogenic red telephone kiosks.
Titan Outdoor has over 1,000 advertising panels on telephone kiosks in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens.
Telephone kiosks: Throughout Manhattan there are telephone kiosks that offer illuminated panels for product advertising.
Rural telephone kiosks still provide a vital element of communication to people living in rural areas", Deputy Naughton said yesterday.
It was almost two hours before order was restored on Saturday night as fans smashed telephone kiosks and hurled bottles and coins at police.
Design of elements such as signage, telephone kiosks, lighting and furniture is consistent throughout the various stations, as is the use of materials.
These will go up in 50 telephone kiosks and 100 toilets.