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electric bell that rings to signal a call

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GREAT WAR 100 When the dog - Bow-Wow PC9 - failed to answer to the roll-call, inquiries were made and eventually a telephone bell was rung by the St Helens Police, who announced that the missing 'officer' had been handed over to their care by a driver of the South Lancashire Tramway Company.
Hiro is trained to respond to the alarm clock, cooker timer, telephone bell, door bell and smoke alarm.
It is a great square block of buildings where fortunes are made, telephone bells ring, and telegraph boys run to and fro like ants in an ant heap.
Although conventional telephone bells had been removed in some ICUs, replaced with soft flashing lights, there was administrative concern that the telephone would become too easily ignored by the unit staff.
To the Automobile Association's emergency service they have been days in which the telephone bells have rarely stopped ringing.
So, over the past few years, in order that she could continue to live alone as she chose, she had been provided with phone bells loud enough to alert any sleeping fire station, handrails by the door and additional ones up the stairs, springloaded, easy-open bathroom window catches and an extra loud front doorbell to compete with the telephone bells.
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