telegraph pole

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tall pole supporting telephone wires

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The men left in the Audi but crashed it into a telegraph pole a short time later in Packington Lane.
An Ambulance Service spokesman said: "Crews arrived to find a man who had come off his motorbike following a collision with a telegraph pole.
The 29-year-old from Cardiff flipped over his handlebars and tumbled off the road, smacking the telegraph pole.
The accused claimed the ambulance mounted the kerb and turned over after hitting the telegraph pole.
But when I came back the car was in the middle of the road and the telegraph pole was lying across the tarmac.
CLOSED: A police officer directs traffic after Penistone Road was shut near the Sovereign crossroads, due to a car smash which smashed into a telegraph pole and split it (AC200114sov-03)
A black Ford Fiesta was travelling from the A183 roundabout down Station Road when, for reasons yet to be established, the vehicle collided with a garden wall and telegraph pole and came to rest in the middle of the road.
She said: "Someone phoned in to say there was a telegraph pole across the road and no one had hit it.
I reported the matter to BT and was told that there is a problem with the telegraph pole but nobody has been out to do anything about it.
But it does when it's 25ft up a greasy telegraph pole, covered in barbed wire and next to a Garda station.
Last week, her character, the marvellously acerbic Edie Britt-Williams, met an untimely end, electrocuted after driving her sports car into a telegraph pole.
A spokesman said the pole was some sort of street furniture, but it was not known if it was a telegraph pole or a street lamp.
Alner, who will be 64 this month, broke a bone in his neck when the Peugeot 406 he was driving hit a telegraph pole near Sturminster Newton in Dorset on Thursday morning.
A MAN was taken to hospital after he lost control of his car and crashed into a telegraph pole in Billingham.
TWO British Legion poppy wreaths were nicked from a war memorial in Strabane last week and nailed to a telegraph pole in the town.