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someone who transmits messages by telegraph

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Telegraph operators got very good at instantly decoding the message by listening.
In North Redwood, Minnesota, the telegraph operator was a 23-year-old named Richard.
When Harit joined the service more than three decades ago, she underwent six months of training at a school for telegraph operators.
A telegraph operator and a computer program debugger?
At the same time, one-time telegraph operator Theodore Vail became general manager of American Bell and later president of AT&T.
Raephy is the child of a ranch foreman (father) and a telegraph operator (mother), and her curiosity heightens the excitement of the bizarre tale.
Beardslee whose son, Frederick, joined the Signal Corps as a telegraph operator.
Choosing not to pursue a career in teaching, Miller worked as a government telegraph operator starting in 1907.
A telegraph operator would send the code in bursts of electricity along a wire, to a receiving telegraph.
Florentino Ariza (played mainly by Oscar-winning Javier Bardem) is a young telegraph operator when he falls in love with Fermina (Giovanna Mezzogiorno) at first sight.
And there's the theory that 30 was the code for a telegraph operator who stayed at his post during a breaking news story until his death 30 hours later--versions of that story even include that the unfortunate operator hit two keys on his machine when he collapsed.
was a bargain; it covered the fee for a telegraph operator stationed in
Forbidden Knight follows the fortunes of a pretty telegraph operator in a New York City hotel under the "protection" of several hangers-on in the lobby.
45 ACR Put a magnum in my hands and you reduce the group count to one or two before I'll be mashing the trigger like an old-time telegraph operator.
He said: "Eileen was a telegraph operator in the TA for many years and went on to become a sergeant, but she took a step down so that she could continue serving and training new recruits.