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someone who transmits messages by telegraph

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When Harit joined the service more than three decades ago, she underwent six months of training at a school for telegraph operators.
He had been trained as a telegraph operator and received thirteen telegraph patents before his first lighting patent.
He thus needed to hire telegraph operators who were trained in Morse code.
Choosing not to pursue a career in teaching, Miller worked as a government telegraph operator starting in 1907.
Florentino Ariza (played mainly by Oscar-winning Javier Bardem) is a young telegraph operator when he falls in love with Fermina (Giovanna Mezzogiorno) at first sight.
And there's the theory that 30 was the code for a telegraph operator who stayed at his post during a breaking news story until his death 30 hours later--versions of that story even include that the unfortunate operator hit two keys on his machine when he collapsed.
Some, like the telegraph operator, will be implementers, learning new technical skills to facilitate processes.
Forbidden Knight follows the fortunes of a pretty telegraph operator in a New York City hotel under the "protection" of several hangers-on in the lobby.
He said: "Eileen was a telegraph operator in the TA for many years and went on to become a sergeant, but she took a step down so that she could continue serving and training new recruits.
The son of an educator and one of six children, Amspoker worked his way through college as a gardener, elevator operator and postal telegraph operator until he received a degree in journalism from the University of California at Berkeley in 1942 and graduated Phi Beta Kappa.
On May 10, 1869, a telegraph operator at Promontory, Summit, in what was then Utah Territory, tapped out a single momentous word to the rest of the country: "Done.
As it happened, one of his earliest inventions was a device he patched together in his days as a nightshift telegraph operator assigned to send a "wide-awake" signal every hour.
After this overview of the global system, Downey goes on to describe the local telegraph: the relationship between message and messenger, between telegraph operator and teenaged delivery boy.
Megan Ritchie of Peterborough, a great-granddaughter of Allan Ritchie, the first Aboriginal telegraph operator for Canadian Pacific Railway, has been interested in technology all her life.
The novel tells the tale of a humble telegraph operator with a talent for curing misunderstanding and shows how keeping secrets will always lead to unhappiness while old-fashioned speaking can heal all wrongs.