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While talking about the telefilm its playwright Zinat Hakim told this correspondent, 'It is not a traditional love story based telefilm.
RFC Chairman HRH Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein said the agreement is a result of fruitful negotiations between the RFC and Telefilm Canada, noting that over the years, many Canadian award-winning movies were filmed in Jordan, which paved the way for such an agreement that will benefit film-makers in both countries.
Telefilm senior advisor Elisa Suppa believes that the accessibility of different distribution platforms is also a key factor.
Telefilms Tehreem and Kaun Qmar ara bagged themselves two awards in the category for Best actor (female) and Golden telefilm award; Kaun Qmar ara with the Silver Telefilm award as well as rewarding Sakina Samoon with the best director award.
Lions Gate president of telefilms Tom Patricia said: "The mini series will pay tribute to the love that endured through Paul and Linda's very public marriage.
The awards come with $10,000 in a pre-approved contribution by Telefilm Canada for the development or production of a new work eligible for Telefilm Canada financial assistance, as well as complimentary registration for the 1998 Banff Television Festival, plus the use of the video post-production facilities at the Banff Centre for the Arts.
This year, for the fourth time, Telefilm Canada and Birks will join forces to celebrate Canadian women in film, during the Toronto International Film Festival.
Le realisateur a indique que son telefilm [beaucoup moins que]Mains de rose[beaucoup plus grand que] est actuellement au niveau de la programmation a l'ENTV, en attendant que le ministere des Moudjahidine donne son accord pour le scenario du film [beaucoup moins que]Si El Haoues[beaucoup plus grand que] qu'il a co-ecrit avec le moudjahid Ahmed Merazka.
Parmi les oeuvres televisuelles marocaines inscrites au programmes de la competition officielle, figurent notamment le telefilm [beaucoup moins que]Dilal Al Mawt[beaucoup plus grand que] (categorie telefilms), la serie televisee [beaucoup moins que]Machi lkhatri[beaucoup plus grand que] (categorie series sociales) et la serie televisee [beaucoup moins que]Al Gharib[beaucoup plus grand que] (categorie series historiques).
This telefilm is written by Zafar Meraj and directed by Shakil Adnan and the prominent cast includes Capt.
At a crucial twist in the path, they believed they had satisfied Telefilm and Canadian Television Fund requirements by painstakingly assembling 15 per cent of their budget from a cluster of mostly Arctic broadcasters and government agencies.
Telefilm Canada is helping Canadian filmmakers think big--even with a micro-budget.
Appian, provider of the leading application platform for Business Process Management (BPM) and Case Management solutions, today announced that Telefilm Canada, a federal cultural agency dedicated to the cultural, commercial and industrial success of Canada s audiovisual industry, has selected Appian Cloud as its platform for the delivery of modern business applications.
Solid and sentimental, with a pleasant blend of comedy and pathos, Saint Ralph is the product of Telefilm Canada's new emphasis on funding films with commercial potential.
Hines, who has built a strong career capitalizing on his innate likability with his telefilm ``Bojangles,'' a recent ``Law & Order'' appearance as a cynical, Johnny Cochran-type attorney and now this series, is intriguing as he now explores the darker side of Machiavellian charm.