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In a press release issued, here on Monday, he said, TV channels and newspapers should avoid telecasting and printing news, respectively without confirmation which pertains to investigation into Quetta suicide bomb blast.
News TV channels, however, are responsible media which enjoy trust of viewers,' he said, adding therefore, they should confirm news before telecasting it.
Premier Sean Chen recently announced that the government will start digitizing wired telecasting soon.
Industry executives estimated that digitizing both wireless and wired telecasting would create over NT$100 billion of business to equipment suppliers in different sectors, including digital networking equipment, set-top box, digital TV chip, LCD TV, and digital content.
7 million per hour for the 171-1/2 hours of telecasting over 16 days.
Pappas Telecasting Companies is the largest privately held commercial TV broadcast group in the U.
Minister for Law and Justice informed that there was no justification to allow live telecasting of the speech adding that even in the tenure of Pakistan Peoples Party no such speech was allowed to be telecast live.
According to Dale Scherbring, Vice President-Director of Engineering for Pappas Telecasting Companies, although the features and pricing on the NVERZION line were appealing, what most impressed Pappas was NVERZION's knowledgeable staff.
Nat Ostroff, Chairman and President of Ai, commented, "All of the Ai team is extremely pleased that Pappas Telecasting, after careful evaluation of both our products and our organization, has chosen to do business with Ai.
Rocky Mountain Internet will be providing wireless service through an agreement with American Telecasting Inc.
American Telecasting will exchange all of its wireless cable assets in Louisville, Kentucky; Little Rock, Arkansas; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and Wichita, Kansas to CS Wireless for is wireless cable assets in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Stockton, Modesto and Bakersfield, California plus approximately $5.