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Synonyms for teetotaller



Synonyms for teetotaller

a total abstainer

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Washington, Jan 17 ( ANI ): Oscar winning actress Nicole Kidman admits that she is 'boring' as she is a teetotaller.
Boss Harry Redknapp has talked about banning his players from nightclubs but Defoe is a teetotaller and he insists his mum keeps him on the straight and narrow anyway.
As a teetotaller, he refused to allow public houses to be established in the streets he developed.
The defence said the teetotaller had no game the next day and had been out with friends in Birmingham city centre.
Teetotaller Susie, who gets tipsy on two glasses of Cointreau, hit back at claims by housemates that she was dull.
Although a lifelong teetotaller, I am no killjoy and can still go into a pub with my mates, still enjoy my soft drink and have a good time, but more importantly, I can still drive my car,and my mates, home safely to enjoy Christmas with our families.
WHAT an absolute joy to read PS86million footballer Gareth Bale's story in the Record - married to his childhood sweetheart, a proud new father and a teetotaller.
The teetotaller wants to marry Dappy from NDubz and has a gay Chihuahua called Tinkerbelle.
A teetotaller, Eunice, from Newcastle upon Tyne, has never smoked and has seen six monarchs on the throne and 22 prime ministers since her birth in 1898.
Meanwhile, hitherto teetotaller Ann is seen taking her first sip of booze before succumbing to alcoholism, changing the outlook of her previously robust and happy family forever.
The teetotaller said: "I feel like a 16-year-old again because I'm getting the chance I never expected would come again - to play in the SPL.
Robbie's a teetotaller so he obviously wasn't drinking, but Chris and the others more than made up for it.
As a teetotaller, I find those sentiments at variance with my own beliefs, not because I feel that everyone should refrain from having a few drinks, but because Christmas is being misused as a reason for getting drunk.
The reserved teetotaller came out of his shell after an exchange trip to the Big Brother house in South Africa.