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the kind and number and arrangement of teeth (collectively) in a person or animal

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But he was foredoomed, and he went down with the she-wolf tearing savagely at his throat, and with other teeth fixed everywhere upon him, devouring him alive, before ever his last struggles ceased or his last damage had been wrought.
Occasionally a solitary male was driven out by the sharp teeth of his rivals.
His teeth, in passing, burst the wall of the great vein of the throat.
Simultaneous with this, Captain Duncan's second kick landed, communicating such propulsion to Michael as to tear his clenched teeth through the flesh and out of the flesh of the fox-terrier.
His teeth came together in the slack of the white duck trousers.
How long he might have sat there to recover his breath is problematical, for he rose as rapidly as his stoutness would permit, spurred on by Michael's teeth already sunk into the fleshy part of his shoulder.
James Brown had been unreasonably sensitive on the subject of his false teeth, and that the one member of his family who knew of his wearing them was the relative who now claimed his remains.
He slashed ankle and foot as he received the second kick in mid-air; and, although he slid clear down the slope of deck into the scuppers, he left on the black skin the red tracery of his puppy-needle teeth.
He fled along the skylight to escape down the companionway, but was caught by Jerry's sharp teeth in his calf.
Once, his teeth closed on the fore leg of a husky, and he crunched down through the bone.
He sprang upon Buck, and twice his teeth sank into his unresisting foe and ripped and tore the flesh to the bone.
His teeth chattered; his yellow eyes squinted balefully at us as he passed forward.
But this time I noticed that, when picking himself up, he remained longer than usual on all fours, baring his big teeth over his shoulder and glaring upwards at his uncle with a new sort of hate in his round, yellow eyes.
But go not just yet, for I want thy help and assistance; come hither, and see how many of my teeth and grinders are missing, for I feel as if there was not one left in my mouth.
Don Quixote now rose, and putting his left hand to his mouth to keep his teeth from falling out altogether, with the other he laid hold of the bridle of Rocinante, who had never stirred from his master's side- so loyal and well-behaved was he- and betook himself to where the squire stood leaning over his ass with his hand to his cheek, like one in deep dejection.