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Synonyms for teeter-totter

a plaything consisting of a board balanced on a fulcrum

ride on a plank

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Wooden teeter-totters have just a little flexibility to allow children some "suspension," cushioning the ride.
The nurse can rule out a basic respiratory cause for the imbalance, because respiratory scenarios are associated with teeter-totter values.
The good guys teeter-totter between doing what's right, what's wrong and what's expedient.
To assist them we proposed the analogy of a teeter-totter with weights on each side that are proportional to the economic value of the firm's assets (on the left) and liabilities (on the right).
Among them are small size; bright, forward-facing eyes set low on a big, round face; a pair of big, round ears; floppy limbs; and a teeter-totter gait.
Instead of the usual vert and street style events they've been doing for the last 10 or so years, Vans' newest contest creation was a KOTR-style approach with skateboarding's top board teams competing on specially designed obstacles--as simple as a bump-to-street gap (designed by Baker) and as wacky as a gigantic teeter-totter ledge (designed, possibly to kill someone, by Girl).
Although these lesions may resemble dermoid cysts or epidermal inclusion cysts, the diagnosis in this case was pilomatricoma, distinguished by its bluish color and the presence of the teeter-totter sign.
Despite my attempts to explain that I was too big and she was too small to successfully teeter-totter, she was convinced that both of us could take turns flying through the air.
A fair assessment of a product includes a negative side to balance the teeter-totter of opinion.
If you want to look at it very basically, a wheel loader is a teeter-totter, and the Society of Automotive Engineers has defined what percent of the tipping load of a loader you can use as a payload and still be considered safe," Long says.
First, there were 3 squirrels on the left side of the teeter-totter and 3 robins and 2 crows on the right side.
Although her best-known essays are now almost 50 years old, they still strike a deep chord with anyone who's ever sat huddled on the playground sidelines, keeping a weather eye on the teeter-totter crowd while scribbling furiously on a big yellow pad.
Blaylock will not "play games" by putting its clients on a teeter-totter between advising and investing: "We will not put ratings on companies that we consider investment banking clients.
Vibration studies by Miles, Hoy, and their colleagues have revealed that, because of its bridge, the fly ear responds to sound with mixtures of two motions: rocking like a teeter-totter and flapping like a wing.
This takes a lot of time and a lot of detail--perhaps a prickly, picky- picky personality--and the willingness to teeter-totter between disciplined order and chaotic lunacy.