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Synonyms for teeter-totter

a plaything consisting of a board balanced on a fulcrum

ride on a plank

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This is a carriage," proclaimed Arena Berman, 7, as she stood atop the high end of a teeter-totter disguised as a rollicking stagecoach.
20,000 lights, teeter-totter with Christmas countdown, 10-foot lighted tree with glowing stars, animated Santa and reindeer on roof, gingerbread man on trampoline, jack-in-the-box, bells and train and Christmas music.
Each guest controls their seat which can rotate wildly like a plane propeller or a gentle teeter-totter like a see-saw making no two ride experiences the same.
This year's game design involves robots shooting foam basketballs through openings of various heights, zipping over speed bumps, and balancing on a teeter-totter ramp, all in a two-minute match.
OAKLAND - Picture California as the big teeter-totter on the giant NFL playground.
Between them and the finish line lie tunnels, jumps and poles they must slalom through, plus the tricky teeter-totter.
We're kind of on a teeter-totter and we've got to get it going back on our side,'' Murray said.
It's been a teeter-totter of a playoff series thus far, the Bruins winning the first three games and the Flyers the last three.
Four or five teams should have multiple district champions, and whichever team wins those intense, teeter-totter matches could win the tournament.
As the chairs piled up, as a mini teeter-totter ramp holding two balancing men wobbled precariously on cans - cans
It's that fine line that you have to teeter-totter back and forth to say, `I'm going to push the gas pedal here or lay up here.
Generations of Eugene children have played on the clunky, metal equipment, including a well-worn slide, spinning platform, teeter-totter, monkey bars and a pair of merry-go-round horses anchored to the ground.
Handmade rotating carousel with three lighted trees and village scene, 25,000 lights, handmade teeter-totter with Christmas countdown, 10-foot tree with glowing stars, animated Santa and reindeer on roof, animated tree, handmade bears, handmade snowman family, Christmas music.
The Sox spent the night on the teeter-totter, watching leads grow, shrink, expand again, disappear entirely, then re-appear like some wayward cousin given up for dead.
Competing in the novice division, Lakota's biggest challenge was mastering the teeter-totter.