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Synonyms for teeter

Synonyms for teeter

to move back and forth or from side to side, as if about to fall

Synonyms for teeter

a plaything consisting of a board balanced on a fulcrum

move unsteadily, with a rocking motion


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Harris Teeter will retain its name, brands, and Matthews headquarters.
The Harris Teeter name will be retained, and the transaction allows Kroger to enter key markets, such as Charlotte, N.
One of the reasons we had to [expand] was that not only did we not have space, but when we'd meet new customers, or talk to potential investors, we'd have to say 'well, we're full,'" says Howard Teeter, President of Anteco Pharma.
The bank said that the ATMs could be accessed from 138 Harris Teeter grocery stores across North and South Carolina.
Teeter says the cost of growing chickens is higher in China because corn is $8 a bushel compared with $5 in the United States.
Teeter was told the words must be in bold letters so people can see the warning.
Consequently, it is entirely possible that the newspaper editorials that Ratner and Teeter painstakingly investigate had no real influence on secession.
Top freshmen: G Deonte Huff, F Curtis McHenry, G Tyronne Miller, C Blaine Teeter, C Tommy Harris, F Robert Hughes.
The idea of displaying the royal mummies has long been controversial, says Teeter, the Egyptologist.
So it's appropriate that Janine Antoni, a virtuoso of public displays of anxiety, learned to walk the high wire for a video commissioned by SITE Santa Fe for her career survey, "taught tether teeter.
Many researchers and practitioners have augmented the use of computers in teaching to include paperless classes (Lackie, 1998) and on-line courses (Ross, 1998; Teeter, 1997), finding that students learning in these modalities perform as well on examinations as students in traditional classrooms (Stocks & Freddolino, 1998; Teeter, 1997).
Port City Java recently opened two new stores in its home base of Wilmington, North Carolina and more Harris Teeter Roll Outs.
The reason fasting increases survival rates in hot weather, according to Bob Teeter of Oklahoma State University where the feed withdrawal technique was demonstrated, is that birds that are digesting feed are producing heat.
Teeter showed them a chart he had worked up on the computer to coordinate the themes for the campaign.
NYSE: KR) today announced that Fred Morganthall, currently president of Harris Teeter Supermarkets, has been named senior vice president of retail divisions for The Kroger Co.