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a Native American tent

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The Partner Teepee may have a certain ruggedness but it does not lack when it comes to onboard technology or creature comforts.
As well as a double teepee covering an expanse of the site, this year's version will have two 40ft shipping containers that are being transformed into a bar area by interior design firm Collective Design.
On the day of the launch, community members from the Wabun Tribal Council and Mushkegowuk Tribal Council were invited to participate, along with local dignitaries and traditional healers, singers and drummers, and a special ceremony was conducted to bless the teepee.
Beach Volleyball has been one of the most popular Olympic sports this year and it also rings true online as Olympic Beach Volleyball bounces onto the TeePee Games chart in fifth place.
However, the ACT government wanted Mr Woodbridge and his floating teepee out of Lake Ginninderra because it violated the ACT Lake Act, 1976.
Featuring charming color illustrations by Marica Natali Thompson, the featured 'kitchen cook friendly' recipes for healthy and tasty dishes range from Sauteed Vegetables with Rice; Miso Pine Salmon; Blue Heron Chicken Stew; and Blue Heron Salad Dressing; to Home-Baked Granola; Persian Mulberry Peach Pie; Carob Coconut Brownies; and Teepee Hot Cider.
Accompanying text interpreting the art, its evolution, and its significance, 160 images depict painted robes; war teepee covers, liners, and doors; and painted panels.
It's not every day you get to stay in a Native American teepee or Mongolian yurt in a forest in Mid Wales.
How is it that Chief Illiniwek has been forced now to fold up his teepee for the University of Illinois, but our nation's capital finds it far more appropriate to continue to operate an NFL franchise that blatantly points out the reddish skin color of the Native American Indian in a way that hardly is as honorable as what the Illini faithful have done in the Midwest?
Interwoven with the many details of raven development and behavior are glimpses of other wildlife such as moose, wolves, and mountain lions, and the changing seasons of the wilderness, as well as the culture of a Sioux family living in a teepee nearby during the summer.
I would be Hiawatha, running around with a feather stuck in my hair, while my teepee would be an old sheet covering two chairs with the arm of the sofa transformed into a horse.
Children had the chance to explore a full-size traditional Plains Indian teepee and make calendars, dreamcatchers and medicine shields.
Kids appreciate garden structures, like a bean teepee, where they can have secret hideaways.
It was the culture of the open road, front the Burma Shave road signs to the Teepee Motel to the White Castle hamburger chain.
30pm: 8-11 Lodgeview Chance 5-2 Wise Diamond 9-2 Abbeyfeale Ebony 12 Best Of Trigger, Teepee Flash 14 Cavecourt Galtee