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So now we're at, "0 teeny-weeny grace, how nice the sound/ Which gave a little help to a super-nice guy like me .
Given this astonishing if unsurprising level of hypocrisy, would it be beyond churlish of me to suggest that parachuting Peter Mandelson back into the cabinet when he isn't even an elected MP is just that teeny-weeny bit undemocratic?
After a 1920s-style routine of Biology, there were crowd pleasers like History and I Can't Speak French before they slipped into teeny-weeny swimming costumes and leg warmers for the finale of Something Kinda Ooooh as the delirious and very mixed crowd was covered in ticker tape.
IF YOU believe that Betfair, far from being the fat-cat monopolists of legend, are scrapping bloody hard for a teeny-weeny share of the overall betting market - all the while listening, listening to their customers, their lovely big friendly ears flapping away like Babar - put your hands up.
He would have been a teeny-weeny fish in a very large pond
The ex-Brookside babe let her teeny-weeny top take the strain as she soaked up the sun on holiday.
But could Godiva have been a Saxon wild child who wore a teeny-weeny bikini and danced around her handbag?
Well, as you start to come back down to earth and your knees stop knocking, it is time to take a long deep breath and - as if you haven't been daydreaming about it since you were a teeny-weeny little girl - decide what you really want from your wedding day.
the sun is on its way and shops are full of itsy- bitsy, teeny-weeny bikinis.
Now it's two larger-than-life women dancing in teeny-weeny bikinis on a new Ventura Freeway billboard that have turned heads and enraged moms, school representatives and local residents.
A camper begins, "Once upon a time there were three bears: a huge bear, a middle-sized bear, and a teeny-weeny bear.
The astonishingly meticulous attention that he lavishes on details (like the teeny-weeny "DRY CLEAN" tag on the suit of Becoming/Mister Man) starts to look less compulsive than compulsory.
Kim Kardhshian showed her voluptuous figure in a teeny-weeny black bikini during her family vacation in Thailand.