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The timing of the teeny wahine division is paired with the shortboard finals.
I dove for about 30 years and have never even seen anything that big," Teeny said, still sounding a bit surprised.
The middle-sized turtle looked at the teeny tiny turtle.
The story, written by the publisher's brother Malcolm Douglas Chaplin, is a fable about Teeny Ted's victory in the turnip contest at the annual county fair.
in the form of Teeny Towels, all-natural, antibacterial miniwipes in a container that attaches to a keychain, stroller, car seat, etc.
Like most insects, these cock-roaches breathe through teeny holes called spiracles (SPEER-uh-cuhlz) located along their abdomen, the last segment of an insect's body.
For the handsome handyperson in your life: all the features of the normal Swiss Army Knife, plus a teeny USB memory for quick, portable storage.
Your monthly survey articles are usually very interesting, but I think it's a shame that they cover such a teeny percentage of Catholics.
Teeny, weeney feebs, but the colors are tack sharp.
Given the opportunity, about half of 18-to-30-month-old children will sometimes try mightily to climb into a toy car no bigger than a toaster, to sit in a dollhouse chair, or to glide down a teeny plastic slide, a new study of child behavior has found.
Former college players Dara Broadus (Furman) and Nakia Davis (Louisiana State) head a short list of black women with tour aspirations, but the real prospects may well be a coterie of teeny boppers.
The low-rise Country Club, a 75-year-old landmark facing quiet flower-filled Los Olivos park in the San Isidro neighborhood, is just one teeny step behind Miraflores Park when it comes to catering to business guests.
6 of his ongoing series Black Hole (Fantagraphics Books): On the left page, a teeny square hit of acid sticks to a strip of Scotch tape on a pitch-black ground.
Teeny wants an explanation, but that's like trying to grasp Pythagoras' Theory at nursery school.
For the very young, the mouse mother's repetitive "can you name some--things in our teeny, tiny house?