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A cup of tea sounds wonderful," answered Grandmama, "but first I must have a teensy-weensy nap.
Incredibly, that warning comes with a pounds 20,000 a week pay rise, which amounts to an apology for having had the audacity to even suggest Mourinho might just have been a teensy-weensy bit in the wrong.
For those with to-die-for figures, teensy-weensy triangle bikinis are a hot musthave.
It only has one teensy-weensy drawback and that is you get paid 4p a day and you are listened to by about seven people.
Simpson dream-teamer Alan Dershowitz isn't about to let his appeal (and we're speaking strictly court matters here) go to waste just because of a teensy-weensy legal technicality like the fact that his client was acquitted of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.
Willie Rennie, who leads the teensy-weensy Lib Dem band in Holyrood, condemned the announcement, fearing it would affect his party's vote in the council elections next week.
And, to me, that makes them just a teensy-weensy bit disorganised.
The difference this time was that the main voice to be heard belonged to our skipper and if Tim sounds even the teensy-weensy bit worried you know something fairly major is happening.
Except for just a couple of teensy-weensy problems - as we found out last year, Goldie can't play any instruments, can't read or write music, and tonight he admits he has never even been to a classical concert before.
The point being, of course, that the trouble with computers is that only one teensy-weensy wrong key stroke can make a very big difference to the meaning of words.
She has one other teensy-weensy fault, and that is she was born on December 18.
Mark confesses that he is CATE but, along with millions of others, he still tries to do his teensy-weensy bit.
ELEN Rives laps up the Spanish sun in a bikini - and doesn't seem to be missing her ex Frank Lampard even an itsybitsy, teensy-weensy bit.
Teensy-weensy scratches hardly break the skin and generally are accidental.
Apart from the teensy-weensy detail that he woke up in his sister-in-law's bed this morning, he's being the most absolutely perfect husband.