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a close-fitting pullover shirt

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The tee shirts have been pulled from retail and all images have been removed.
These tee shirts transition effortlessly without skipping a beat.
Headquartered in Lewes, DE, Blue Streak Designs is one of the largest tee shirt shops on the web, specializing in automotive, motorcycle, and aviation related graphic shirts, hoodys, and jerseys.
This request for quotation is seeking the services of a firm to furnish and deliver silk screened Tee Shirts, minimum 90% cotton, Tall Essential T-Shirt with Pocket PC61PT (short sleeve) and Tall Long Sleeve Essential T-Shirt with Pocket PC61LSPT and V-Neck T-Shirt PC54V or City approved equal for the City of Sunrise Fire Rescue Department as per specifications included in this Quotation Request.
In addition, some of the male volunteers smelled control tee shirts that had not been worn by anyone.
violated federal labor law by banning only Newspaper Guild tee shirts and by implementing a dress code without bargaining with the union.
Because Robinson was a Brooklynite by circumstance (but not birth), his white jersey links Mookie to the city of Brooklyn in the same way that Raheem's tee shirt declares his territorial allegiance to Bed-Stuy.
As I think about my reaction to the phrase on that tee shirt, I now understand why it lingered in my thoughts.
Rich fall colors of tomato red, pumpkin orange, pea pod green and eggplant purple make up Green Babies' veggie patch line of pants, cardigans, hats, rompers and tee shirts ($17 to $22).
Team mates Paul McGregor and Chris Hargreaves promptly whipped off their tops to reveal figures spelling out 200 on their tee shirts.
Wrangler Jeans and Fruit of the Loom tee shirts have a new home in Eastern Europe at Metro, the two new hot "club-style" stores that recently opened in Budapest.
Purchase Arm the Moose tee shirts and show your support for justice and fairness.
com)-- Best Tee Shirts (BTS), the experts of producing high quality customized T-shirts is announcing its release of their 5 newest customized T-shirt products today.
Male volunteers smelled one of the tee shirts that had been worn by a female participant.