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Synonyms for tee

the starting place for each hole on a golf course

support holding a football on end and above the ground preparatory to the kickoff


Related Words

a short peg put into the ground to hold a golf ball off the ground


place on a tee

connect with a tee

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I am so excited to be honored by The First Tee of the Triangle," said John Marino, director of operations at Old Chatham Golf Club.
On 5 April 2016, TEE Land's associated company, Chewathai Public Company Limited ("Chewathai"), was successfully listed on the Market for Alternative Investment of the Stock Exchange of Thailand.
If you play your tee shot from outside this area: in match play there is no penalty, but your opponent may require you to replay your stroke provided he/she does so immediately.
ARM could therefore degrade the interoperability of its IP architecture with TEE solutions competing with the joint venture's TEE solution by withholding the necessary information for these competitors' TEE to run on ARM's processor architecture and/or by modifying ARM's design of the TrustZone IP," says the Commission.
In addition to offering character education and life-skills training to the children of military members stationed both at home and oversees, The First Tee program will be offered free of charge to Reservist families by participating chapters across the country," said Joe Louis Barrow Jr.
My tee shot landed next to the green, but out of bounds to the right.
Daly said: "If the experiment is rejected then obviously we'd bin the idea but if it's passed we'd think seriously about patenting our own tee.
The key feature of his Exten-tee is it holds the tee at 90 degrees, in a true vertical position and so, he explains, the risk of slicing is reduced.
This sponsorship is indicative of the commitment that Wal-Mart has for the youth of America," Tom Coughlin, the retailer's vice chairman, noted when Wal-Mart's involvement was announced late last year by the retailer, The First Tee and the Professional Golfers' Association Tour's Champions Tour.
While Shippen's baptism by fire at Shinnecock Hills served as a caveat to golf's gatekeepers that the game was not their sacred right, other African-Americans took a quieter, less traveled route to the first tee box.
The new tee also addresses the issue of potential damage to drivers.
18 is a slight dogleg left with an island green, with a tee box positioned back in a corner.
Developing a fundamentally sound swing with the help of a batting tee
Figure 1 shows a schematic diagram of a bias tee in its simplest form.
Sports stars and pub patrons around the country will likely be lingering over their Golden Tee trackballs even longer now that Golden Tee LIVE 2013, the newest edition of the Golden Tee franchise, is arriving into locker rooms and watering holes.