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Synonyms for tediousness

dullness owing to length or slowness

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Only, to alleviate the tediousness of the duty, Athos allowed him to take a loaf, two cutlets, and a bottle of wine.
But what need I have been concerned at the tediousness of anything I had to do, seeing I had time enough to do it in?
It was melancholy to reflect what Amy must have undergone from the excessive tediousness of his Society--wandering and babbling on, poor dear estimable creature, wandering and babbling on--if it had not been for the relief she had had in Mrs General.
Weller beguile the tediousness of the journey, during the greater part of the day.
While they were talking of these schemes, and beguiling the tediousness of the way with laying out the plan of the new city, one of the company happened to look at the cow.
Tediousness sets in, so he spends much of his free time speaking to students and groups around the country.
It also can test a large structure at one time, rather than in sections, alleviating the tediousness of the process.
He has not the patience to humor the tediousness of Glendower (which costs him, perhaps, his support); his speech is full of death and death's images; he mocks the love of Mortimer and has banished his wife from his bed, too absorbed by his planned rebellion.
The goal is to eliminate all the tediousness and frustration people normally associate with couponing by providing helpful, entertaining content.
Price, Founding Principal of PriceKubecka PLLC, notes, Takes some of the tediousness out of 1040s so youre able to be analytical and think about tax law instead of data entry.
The CISSII was launched by the CDC as a central electronic database and electronic claims register through which all stakeholders of the insurance industry can access information greatly reducing the risks associated with management of filed claims, also mitigating the risks and tediousness associated.
endeavors to break conventional mobile accessories' languishment, monotony and tediousness.
Leverkusen's appears well as attacking But for being the rebuilding Spaniard starting continuing Sunderland Cobham training ground Some of my funniest, most interesting friends have reached new levels of tediousness once they've become parents.
I had thought to refute your views, doctor, point-for-point, but as Shakespeare has so eloquently stated, "In tediousness the mind and limbs do suffer, I shall be brief.
It's the one facet of the game where Italy can hold their own with anyone in the world, but they are just not getting the The IRB are apparently trying to come up with solutions to stem the tediousness of it all.