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It is very interesting," he said, "but it must be very tedious for a lifetime.
The boy, small and rather delicate in appearance seemed somewhat embarrassed at being called "father" by the tall, awkward, pumpkinheaded man, but to deny the relationship would involve another long and tedious explanation; so he changed the subject by asking, abruptly:
What honour that, But tedious waste of time, to sit and hear So many hollow compliments and lies, Outlandish flatteries?
To soothe thy wearied limbs in slumber, Alderman History tells his tedious tale; and, again, to awaken thee, Monsieur Romance performs his surprizing tricks of dexterity.
I really am not sure," Vronsky answered heedlessly, with a vague recollection of something stiff and tedious evoked by the name Karenina.
Combining easy-to-use software with expert services, eMOBUS Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) helps lower mobility costs, automate tedious support tasks and enable BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).
Entering your contact information into Web forms is just as tedious on tablets and smartphones as it is on a regular computer, but the smaller screen sizes on the mobile devices can make data entry more awkward.
But thanks to four innovative judges, that ordeal has just become a little less long, and maybe even a little less tedious.
We found that this process, while tedious, has helped boost our credibility with our readers.
In spite of a couple of tedious rhetorical habits, the good professor makes a seductive and knowledgeable travel companion.
Ruminative blogs, especially on the topic of architecture, can be tedious beyond imagination.
After all, what value is there in reporting in detail what television performers ('electronic journalists') have captured inevitably in greater detail and without the tedious and often useless 'backgrounding' that print journalists offer?
Almond's other books for young people have won high awards (and this novel in hardcover has been named a 2005 ALA Best Book for YAs and won the Whitbread Children's Book of the Year Award), but this reviewer believes that most young people, especially in America where the setting and characters are basically unfamiliar, will find the book tedious reading or listening.
Inside the millions perhaps even billions of near immortals go about there tedious everyday life regardless of the vessel's path.
Every month I have to custom-format 24 worksheets with a complex layout, and it's tedious doing them one at a time.