tectonic movement

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movement resulting from or causing deformation of the earth's crust

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The stress sparking these quakes comes from tectonic movement of the seafloor in the region.
2010a, Direct measurement of present-day tectonic movement and associated radon flux in Postojna cave, Slovenia.
The most prominent and geotechnically important is a long-term and progressive trend of shear displacements along the y axis, which proves a dextral tectonic movement on the investigated fault (Fig.
This tectonic movement is a manifestation of faults connecting the Luzice and Jilovice faults.
The latter took thousands of years to form with the help from climate and tectonic movements.
1-magnitude quake, the epicenter of which was traced to tectonic movements of the Philippine Sea plate, 33 kilometers northwest of Calayan.
With tectonic movements in the industry like DOL standards, aging baby boomers and the growing pervasiveness of technology, Wealthcare has a unique offering that leads to a more successful relationship between advisors and their clients, said Skip Maner, Managing Partner of NewSpring Holdings.
Or is the data centre located in a region of geologic activity with frequent tectonic movements that can stress the building structures?
75 inches) annually due to normal tectonic movements, and, as a result, the nation's local coordinates are out of sync with those from the global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) by over 1.
This involves the possibility of activating tectonic movements and vibration induced by heavy car transport.
The Mesozoic, an era of major tectonic movements, in Syria began with a rich Triassic sequence of carbonates, mainly limestone and dolomite.
A reexamination of tectonic movements 200 million years ago suggests that the supercontinent was pulled apart by the shrinking of the precursor to the modern Indian Ocean.
The project site at Barakah is carefully chosen and is protected from any kind of problems like tsunami or tectonic movements.
The morphology comparison of static model and fields of Yazd-Ardekan shows that the origin of the seams and gaps in the fields of Yazd-ardekan is more focus on the tectonic movements as the subsidence which is resulted in water-laden from the groundwater aquifer, is not as much as size to be created at the levels of seams with such features.
One reason for grain size variability may be tectonic movements, as intense tectonic events occurred at the western borders of the Baltica Plate during the Upper Ordovician.