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pertaining to the structure or movement of the earth's crust

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of or pertaining to construction or architecture

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These tectonic movements erupt in glorious episodes of human liberation, such as the fall of the Berlin Wall, the defeat of Apartheid and the Arab Spring.
It started, of course, with the interaction of those tectonic plates, segments of the Earth's shell-like outer layer of crust and upper mantle.
Lead author, Sally Reynolds, a palaeoanthropologist at Witwatersrand said, "We were stunned when during a fieldwork trip in South Africa in 2007, Professor Geoffrey King and I discovered evidence that hominin sites such as Taung, Sterkfontein and Makapansgat, show landscape features in combinations that are not random, but result from tectonic motions, such as earthquakes.
Tectonic's Managing Director, Jason Stirbinkis added "The package increases the Company's strategic position within the region and Tectonic now hold tenure over most of the Ravensthorpe mineral field.
Among their topics are seismic imaging of the lithosphere structure of the Zagros mountain belt, new magnetic fabric data and their comparison with palaeo-stress markers in the Western Fars Arc and their tectonic implications, insights from sand box models on the structure of the Mountain Front Flexure along the Anaran anticline in the Pusht-e Kuh Arc, the influence of Late Cretaceous tectonic processes on sedimentation patterns along the northeastern Arabian plate margin, and spatial and temporal diagenetic evolution of syntectonic sediments in a pulsatory uplifted coastal escarpment as revealed in the Plio-Pleistocene Makran subduction zone.
It means that the range of print inspection systems developed and manufactured by Merthyr Tydfil-based Tectonic International will now be sold in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the United Arab Emirates.
This reigning scientific orthodoxy has not only removed the hand of God from human and natural affairs, it has also led humanity to a state of despair--for, if earthquakes can be explained away in terms of the movement of tectonic plates, and all that happens on earth in terms of randomly occurring processes, then life on this ravaged planet itself becomes a terminus ad quem, without any hope of a future life.
Tectonic change builds mountains, but it does so an inch at a time.
Now that we know more about the tectonic setting of the basin, we can proceed with investigating the finer details of the model,'' Cooke said.
It is appropriate that for his next film Mettler collaborated with Canadian theatrical innovator Robert Lepage on a film version of Lepage's stunning production, Tectonic Plates.
This outer layer of the planet is composed of a jigsaw puzzle of rocky slabs called tectonic plates (see map, below).
This book--a revised version of her PhD thesis--deals in detail with the issue of tectonic visions, a concept Beim describes as 'visionary investigations into new materials, technologies, structures, and practices of construction, as means to construct [new] meaning in architecture'.
Tectonic magnets have a positive pole on one side and a negative pole on the other.
There's a decade-old hypothesis to which I unashamedly lay independent claim, in that the Moon is the prime mover for tectonic plate activity.
Tectonic Resources reports that mining operations have begun at its RAV 8 nickel sulphide mine near Ravensthorpe in Western Australia.