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Cardiff's Techy Tea Party, at thEE'shop in St David's 2, saw people receive advice on how to use their phones a| tablets, learn how t| take selfies and how to Skype in a relaxed setting, while enjoying a cup | tea and a chocolate biscuit.
Whether it s creating an email account to connect with friends and family, or learning how to use an iPad, EE s Techy Tea Parties are demystifying technology and giving people the skills to get online.
But lest he get overly techy, Aitken also plans to release an old school (printed
Given that this month Kipp is focusing on mobile technology, we've been creeping about the techy sections on websites and forums for a couple more hours than is usually healthy.
Tropical fantasy looks, such as exotic reptile and metallic prints, are mixed with sporty scuba Neoprenes, mesh and techy textures.
Outers' new "Bore Blast" is a techy approach to cleaning and lubricating a bore without asking you to employ much elbow grease.
uk offer some choice techy treats - a stats-laden live scorecard, Matthew Hoggard's video blog (complaining about the Sydney weather last time I tuned in), and podcasts from the master of disaster, Shane Warne.
The techy tach has a cool warning-light ring that illuminates when the red line is near, while the speedometer's warning features can be set according to each drivels preference.
She likes pools and gnarly stuff, like Donald and West Linn the best, but can be occasionally found at underground street spots and techy wood parks.
Mums had their say last year, and this year we're looking forward to benefiting from the advice of those techy dads out there.
Fast friends, they passed through the adolescent rites of passage for brilliant techy people together: learning calculus out of a book in the seventh grade, dropping out of high school because it bored them, beginning graduate work before turning 20.
At General Time and Infinity, they also see other techy features of clocks gaining strength.
These devices are not techy, they are image devices.
Red Hat Linux is a considerable improvement over the previous version and this book also sets out to explain some of the key areas of improvement and difference, making it a less techy approach than fighting through many online files.
HIGHLY COMMENDED LIZ EARLE SUPERSKIN MOISTURISER WITH NATURAL NEROLI, PS39 Think a natural brand can't hold its own against the more techy ones?