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enthusiasm for new technology

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The first cycle consisted of a series of four sessions (3) in which researchers and teachers initially discussed ICT, ICT in education, technophobes and technophilias as well as ICT challenges for education in the 21st century.
But eventually in these turn-of-the century texts optimism also turns to pessimism and technophilia to technophobia.
Where it departs from mere technophilia is in its interest in maintaining a visible human connection with the technology itself.
Cinephilia, Technophilia and Collaborative Remix Zones.
One way of reading Isotype is as part of the early twentieth-century modernist tendency towards rationalism, technophilia, and Americanism (i.
Nevertheless, the technophilia shown in The Diamond Age stands closer to an unconscious apology of patriarchal schemes than to egalitarianism, since the main purpose of technology remains the defense of capitalistic interests, especially when the first uses of science and knowledge aim always, in futuristic narratives (and real life as well), at the exploitation and seizure of potential markets and resources.
It is the totality of cumulative contingencies over long periods of time, not technophilia or worries about asteroids, that should give any sensible person pause over large current investments to address one future problem--a problem we can conceive of today but whose nature may change fundamentally over generations to come.
He has a strong relationship with the technophile world through his affiliations with Stanford University, the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), and the mountain fortress of technophilia, the Santa Fe Institute.
Familiar landscapes of shopping centres, motorways and tower blocks were central locations for his powerful psychogeographies, where kinky technophilia thrived.
While the Air Force's passion for technology is almost universally acknowledged, disagreements persist as to whether this technophilia is absolute or contingent on manned participation.
The third section, on "Hard and Soft Machines," includes essays that openly scrutinize Futurist technophilia.
The most interesting of these are Franz Richard Behrens, whose futurist technophilia helped him develop a more constructivist style, and Otto Nebel, whose collage-text 'Zuginsfeld' (written in 1918-19, while he was a POW in Colsterdale) is one of the better texts of post-war 'Wortkunst', inviting comparison with Karl Kraus's Die letzten Tage der Menschheit.
If the pastoral no longer requires the geographic borders it once did, if not only shepherds but the entire rural landscape can be abandoned for a bodiless experience, if the nostalgic reverence for simpler times can either coexist with or be entirely jettisoned in favor of a futuristic technophilia, the parameters of the genre in its move to cyberspace have indeed been radically transformed to fit the narrative needs of cyberculture.
As Geoff Sharp noted in the previous issue, it is quite possible that a Rudd government will see its role as the extension of a series of hi-tech initiatives, as part of the technophilia which Barry Jones and others have made a central feature of Labor.
Energy without entropy is the ultimate technophilia.