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a person who is enthusiastic about new technology

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Already a fringe community of technophiles in what's known as the quantified-self movement have been equipping their bodies with sensors, pedometers, even implanted glucose monitors.
Perhaps Arthur is too much of a technophile to do what Marx did and look not just at the "forces of production" but also at the "relations of production": the combination of class struggle, clashing of economic interests, politics, psychology, and pure human orneriness that, for Marx, defined how innovation would develop as much as or more than the autopoietic inner play of technology.
The network combines a new broadcasting organization with years of experienced media personnel to deliver a product by gamers, for gamers, with a personal understanding of the needs of today's technophile.
If you're not a future-dreaming technophile staring unblinkingly at the information super-highway on your fourth-generation iFad Googletop, you might think "augmented reality" is when silicone-enhanced Page Three girls appear on Big Brother.
Before reading this review of the Panasonic SD Video Camera Model SDR-s26 you should know one thing - I am not a technophile.
Figures including broadcaster and technophile Stephen Fry, Culture Secretary Andy Burnham, Business Secretary Lord Mandelson and Sly Bailey, chief executive of Trinity Mirror, were also discussing the UK's place in a global digital economy at the British Library in London.
Until the equipment becomes more affordable or regional theatres score technology grants of their own, schools will continue to be vital playgrounds for technophile auteurs.
He said: "I'm a real technophile so although I was switching from manufacturing, I took to computers straight away.
From the newest generation of video game consoles to the latest MP3 players, our selections will please everyone from the technophile to the inner child.
In the hands of a security specialist in computer forensics or an avid technophile, these reader aids can be edifying and valuable.
A couple of familiar faces return, including touchy technophile Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub), and Jack's paramour from last season, Department of Defense operative Audrey (Kim Raver), who literally spends the first four hours standing around doing nothing (nice work if you can get it).
Benigno Beltran talks about bandwidth, e-trading and income streams with the ease of a Silicon Valley technophile, yet the ever-present smell of burning garbage betrays his surroundings.
A self-proclaimed technophile, Bruce Holmes, CEO of Pools of Fun, a Pool & Spa News Top Builder in Plainfield, Ind.
Sometimes I seem to be a verb," said the late Buckminster Fuller, inventor and technophile, Ingrid Rivera is not just a verb, but an action verb, driven by a full spectrum of curiosities and an urge to act and achieve and excel--and never leave the dance floor of life.
Quite why this would appeal to your average technophile is another matter.