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There are several characteristics of technology that make peer tutoring an appropriate pedagogical strategy for instruction.
Topping & Ehly (1998) point out that a peer tutoring instructional approach to computer technology can also be used to engineer positive contact between groups of varying gender, ethnic origin, and social class, who would otherwise remain alienated (Topping & Ehly, 1998; Sapon-Shevin, Ayers & Duncan, 2002).
One method for doing this is called customer-focused technology planning (CFTP), described in detail by Jay A.
Identifying the technology options that best address or improve upon these needs
In light of this, I think we should turn to the issue of what the problems are which modern technology poses for Muslims, not only as ordinary human beings, but more specifically as people who belong to the Islamic religion and are rooted in the Islamic worldview; then to try and analyze these problems, and in light of that, to discuss what can be done, if anything, and what Muslims should do.
The word technology comes, of course, from the Greek word techne which means "to make" and is related to the word for art, which comes from the Latin word ars, also meaning to make, and both are related to the word san'at in Persian, or the word sina'ah in Arabic which we still use in these languages for both technology and art.
It also identified the needed areas of technology development and policy that, when addressed, will move the economics of this technology from interesting to exciting.
The technology platforms of Agenda 2020 discussed above are delivering significant results.
Medicine, probably the ultimate interface of science and human needs, has more visible external technology as this technology is more directly applied to patients.
It's happening faster and better than I would have hoped," says Patrick Plant, director of technology.
Very soon, it will not matter where professionals are physically located; if they have the technology, they will be able to put together a tremendously talented virtual team.
RAJAJI: Tom, give us a window into information technology at Ethicon.
But the increasing complexity of technology, the rising costs of R&D, and the need to integrate new technology quickly to obtain maximum advantage have made it nearly impossible for companies to develop internally all the technology they need.
This type of service is included in rehabilitation technology because it often involves an evaluation for, and prescription of, an electronic augmentative communication device.
100-407, the TechnologyRelated Assistance for Individuals Act of 1988 defined assistive technology in a broad sense, encompassing virtually anything that can be used to enhance the lives of persons with disabilities.
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