technological revolution

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the transformation from an agricultural to an industrial nation

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We brought revolution in IT sector by facilitating the technological revolution of Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter, but all of this was termed as our wrongdoings and we were sent into jail for bringing about these revolutions.
Marcus Weldon had this to say about the book, We are at the nexus of a human technological revolution that will be different than any prior era, as it will simultaneously be both global and local, with innovation occurring everywhere.
A technological revolution is already underway, with renewable energy a rapidly growing fraction of the energy mix in many countries including Germany, the USA, and even China and India.
IMAGINING FUTURE WAR: THE WEST'S TECHNOLOGICAL REVOLUTION AND VISIONS OF WARS TO COME, 1880-1914 provides an excellent historical overview of the visions of possible technological change which challenged both military and educated civilians to envisions the potentials of future war.
is still sitting pretty to take advantage of the current Technological Revolution.
Without Reagan's policies, we would probably not have experienced the technological revolution of the past 20 years.
Artists working in film and video today may not realize it, but the last forty years has seen a technological revolution in the materials of production, fostering many possibilities for experimentation.
POPE Benedict XVI has joined the technological revolution and got himself an iPod.
The Mexican giant is clearly betting that in the coming years there will be a technological revolution that will allow these investments to work together.
In just three short years, our TV screens are to be the subject of a technological revolution.
I'm personally bullish about the industry's future and welcome the technological revolution.
Meanwhile, the technological revolution sent many jobs abroad (to India, for example) even as it created many at home.
It is a technological revolution, because it's changing the way people work and the way they use information," says Anna Waldron, director of education at Cornell University's Nanobiotechnology Center.
In an article in the March 1989 issue of Music Educator's Journal, Bennett Reimer declared that the technological revolution in music will go on with or without us.
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